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  1. Just got a text from one of my favorite LBs from Sensation, she says "I miss your cock".....Cock must mean money? 5555+

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    2. Teppis


      At this time of year, many "cocks" are missed here. I bet that no one can't understand how dead Pattaya is at moment. It's scary.


      But i'm sure that she also miss you cock too mate... 555

    3. garrydirty


      hope u had a good one...

    4. icebergjr.


      I'm sure he did garrydirty, how coud he not have? 5555

  2. Can't come to Patts and not have at least one soapy! so off we go!...... :)

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    2. silentmoebius78
    3. FYE


      up near soi 2 Silent

    4. silentmoebius78


      I be back in Feb.. I gonna check it out.. Damn.. I miss Pattaya..

  3. Wheels up! If you are in town this month I am sure I will see you at one of the local LB watering holes!

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    2. silentmoebius78


      Just came back home.. Ice, promise I gonna be in town next year in November.. For once, I want to attend the event I sponor.. And every place I drop your name at, everyone sais, you are a great guy and loads of fun all over town..

    3. icebergjr.


      I hope to meet you and Swedeman both next year! I'll hold ya both to it!!5555

    4. FYE


      you going skiing ?

  4. Ask a BM if he ever plans to go to Thailand...and that comment gets the hoover? Weak sauce!

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    2. outsider


      Never once said i had a girlfriend gary. best to get your facts right.


    3. garrydirty


      u did u posted it in updates maybe u should check? or was that ur fantasy night?

    4. garrydirty


      Let it rest guys all know now anyway ok..see ya in Sensations in FEB... ur still going in FEB r u???

  5. Wow, quickest deletion of a thread in forum history! 2.5 minutes! well done mods!

    1. Ghost Of Steptoe
    2. McFly


      Some "monarchy" related thread. Got taken down as soon as it was up. Speedy mod delete.

    3. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      typical they are frightened of their own shadows.

  6. LBs are definitely feeling the low affects of low season...

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    2. McFly


      The Filthy Bastard is in hiding or something. His bird probably has him all tied up to the bed

    3. Vasilli


      Hey Swede , he told me that that would not happen again . Oh well you cant teach and old dog new tricks lol .

    4. McFly


      Utter filth is lubbed up!

  7. oh the fresh smell of the sewer...how I have missed you

    1. Vasilli


      Cant wait to get some of it again buddy . I miss it so much lol .

    2. icebergjr.


      Smells better than the finest rose! At least to me,anyway!Can't wait to be back!5555

  8. Wheels are officially up! Patts here we cum!

    1. GrifterMan


      Sshwwiing! Have fun SM. I'd still like to see a TR from you even if it is sans pictures.

  9. TR or NO TR? That is the ?

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    2. Vasilli


      Think carefully buddy as you know the consequences .

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Yeah careful with the photos Swedeman .. U know why.

      Enjoy your trip.

    4. paultain


      have to agree with Bax, Vasilli, and Jimmy

  10. Condoms? check....Lube? check.....

  11. Condoms? check....Lube? check.....

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. McFly


      @1986 Wheels up 19 days @steveo941 looking forward to a beer or 4 @garrydirty cunt! @paultain @vasilli thanks guys!

    3. Bart Fitz Monty III

      Bart Fitz Monty III

      cool, be good to meet you

    4. McFly


      @1986 looking forward to it!

  12. Another wonder blessing us with his brilliance. Oh the talent we attract! -Swedeman007
  13. Have I missed anything during my absence from the forum?

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    2. Ass Splitter Jones

      Ass Splitter Jones

      What happened to you? Last I new you were going to Vegas then disappeared.

    3. hubert_cumberdale


      Thought I hadn't seen your avatar in a long while

    4. McFly


      @ASJ, just got tired of the forum, way too many tossers to bother.

  14. Access to the advanced section of the forum. Member plus cannot see content in this area of the forum.-Swedeman007
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