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  1. hello...

    you have please Telefon number from fah big balls ladyboy from Bangkok?

    I Like big hanging balls:-)

    Best regards 

  2. I remember her from several years ago and saw her photo on TF yesterday. Initially, I had made contact with her through TF in January 2015 but she had a different handle then, which I can’t exactly recall (Hydra or something similar). There is also a thread on this site about her with some very sexy photos. She cleans up well.

    In 2015, She came to my apartment lobby initially because I offered her an extra cell phone that I did not need and then returned for full action a few days later. She started making out with me in the elevator as we were going up to my floor. However, she did not stay hard for long and only came a little but what a perfect butt and smooth and silky body she possessed. Seems like she is still hanging in there and funny she is working as Mercury as I went a few days ago and submitted a report. I will have to go earlier next time, maybe tonight. 


  3. Hello...you have number whatsapp from fah...Bangkok....thank:-)

  4. I think maybe the OP of those photos may have deleted them by using manage attachments function although not certain. Perhaps you could ask the OP, and it may be worth deleting the whole thread if thats the case.
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