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  1. Any1 ever find a stray ass or ball hair that was 10 times longer than any other one u have? I wish there were 3 so i could make a braid...

    1. Solice


      555 thats funny, time for some man care bro

  2. Nice surprise 2 see Solice n the miss the other night, hope u got home alright !

    1. Solice


      Cheers buddy it was good to see you again also. Just got back home an hour ago :(

    2. Solice


      it was very good mate, well worth 1,000 baht a night

  3. I met a LB who was born with 5 penis'es today...... her pants fit like a glove!

  4. I wondered why the 2 English blokes who wanted to wring my neck, thinking i set off some errant fireworks, had backed down when i had agreed to their threat of a donneybrook. After turning around and seeing the 6 or so LB's who were right behind me and had my back, i must admit it prob wasnt me they were scared of lol!

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    2. Quietguy


      Sounds like a bar to avoid. I thought ladyboy bars didn't have much physical trouble from the customers.

    3. cheyenne


      Ha Ha, Gotta love those Ladyboys . . actually, its probably a misnomer to call them 'ladies'!!! they are much too tough, bless 'em!!!

    4. cheyenne


      Ha Ha, Gotta love those Ladyboys . . actually, its probably a misnomer to call them 'ladies'!!! they are much too tough, bless 'em!!!

  5. So im drinkin w my LB and a tiny little girl selling gum comes up and whispers in my ear, "She's a ladyboy....." equally stumped by my answer "Yes but isnt she beautiful?" she ran off not knowing how 2 answer.

    1. fogmaster


      Good stuff buddy! Hope things are good down there for you and your lady.

    2. lelek


      ahahahah. in my country i also tell few ladies i am attracted in lbs too, they dont know what to say. a lot of woman going crazy when they want have a man and man better likes ladyboys ahaha.

  6. Finally got my computer back after cracking my screen during some wild sex... what a long week without it!

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    2. fogmaster


      Yeah, sounds like you were nailing the computer! I think a certain lady wouldn't be too pleased about that!

    3. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      rule number 1 when watchin porn eldiablo....NEVER JIZZ ON THE SCREEN!


    4. icebergjr.


      That must have been some wild ass sex bro!!

  7. Gotta love the public shaming u will recieve if u fuck up in Pattaya. Courtesy of Pattaya Tv Channel. Btw i'm all 4 brnging back public hangings, think it would solve more of the worlds woes than not.

    1. Solice


      I agree with that mate, some people deserve hanging

    2. icebergjr.


      The only reason some people are still able to walk this earth is that it's illegal too kill em' so I too agree with ya!

  8. In a Thai accent she said "No finga in ASS!" I says, "Why not? It's MY FiNGER, MY ASS!"

  9. Ticket purchased Sept 7 wheels up :)

    1. icebergjr.


      Good for you bro, see ya in September,warm up the girls, please LOL.

    2. eldiablo


      will do. See u then :)

  10. 2nd week in March until April

  11. What are your dates in Mar. if you don't mind telling :)

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