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  1. The reason this occurred for you is that you quoted a post that has a word in it that gets picked up by the system that needs a Mod to ok the post before it can go on the open board. The words are related to our go no areas...the Royal Family...drug use/innuendo....etc.. The system just picks the word...it does not see how the word was used in context. In your case the word which was picked up was ...king. Antartico's post was picked up also ...Mods looked at it and the context of how the word was used and then release the post if all is ok. We have posted up the reason a few times before. That is the reason. Your post will remain there until a Mod gets to it...if we are online at the time and not busy it usually will be done reasonably quickly...if we are not online or busy...we will get to the post when we can. Your post has been approved. thanks
  2. Being an Advanced Member of Pattaya Addicts does not automatically give you Advanced here...and vice versa. The forums are two different identities.
  3. thanks Ausmago

    Cartoon are fun for some of us !!!!!!

  4. As Kendo said.... your first couple of posts have been approved. On the injustice comment...… maybe the injustice to the forum could be from you.... you joined in Nov 2008.... near on 11 years ago and you are now making your first contribution to the forum after all that time.
  5. Going by the topics you have started with photos attached... I would say that you have found the solution to your problem. Thread closed.
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