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  1. An LB just messaged me, "Are you staying at the Alica Loads Hotel?" She meant to say, Areca Lodge

    1. icebergjr.


      Good to see you're back!!


  2. Two weeks after I buy my plane tickets to BKK, I bag myself a sexy girlfriend. Is it possible to have a mongerless holiday in LOS?

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    2. Blodstrupmoen


      No point in even trying not to cheat on her. Do it with style and sample as much as fucking possible.

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      I know why u can't take her with u ... In the ...king country they live in they never can get the time off from work :(

    4. icebergjr.


      See ya there my friend! Thanks for the lighter, I'll always cherish the gift! :)

  3. My friends and I have started a collection jar for 7-11 stamps. We're going to try to pay a bar fine with just stamps (and film it too). We also might see if we can pay a police bribe in 7-11 stamps.

    1. Vasilli


      I threw all mine in the bin out the front of the 7/11 shops . Wish I had kept them for you .

  4. Just had lunch with a LB. After lunch, she made me deep throat her, and I puked my lunch all over her cock and balls.

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    2. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      Who was you with Nancy

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Not the best way you could have said 'thank you' to her!

    4. textom


      I hope you were not still in the restaurant

  5. Told my new employers to go fuck themselves, then bought a one way ticket to LOS. I'll be wheels up in 3 days.

    1. jimmy23456


      Like your style

    2. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Fill yer boots Justin!

  6. Had a friend stay the night at my place and saw all the ladyboy pictures on my laptop. I guess my secret is out.

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    2. SBK


      Always have a guest account for your PC! Then again if the friend is good enough to stay over the night, they should be good enough not to really care where you stick your dick.

    3. jcs


      I guess you were just in sane to let someone else onto your computer...

    4. Jazza01


      Ive just worked out to encrypt all my lb pictures. Very easy to do.

  7. Damn, talk about digging up an old thread! To answer your question, yes there is an advanced section. Typically, the rules in the past was to make 50 worthwhile posts that had actual content. These were posts that were beyond "me too" or "she's hot". However, there have been some heroes on this forum sharing photos and information with non-members, so the rules have been a little more stringent. Not sure how the current moderators approve someone now, but I'm sure you have to prove you have actually been to LOS by posting pictures or a trip report.
  8. Had to bail out on a short time with a Korean hooker last night. It wouldn't be an exageration to say she's had a mile of cock in that pussy. It looked like someone stuck a gernade up her cunt and pulled the pin.

  9. Just got back from Thailand. I entered LOS with a box of 40 transparent condoms. I left LOS with 40 brown condoms in the rubbish bin.

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    2. icebergjr.


      Great meeting you buddy,sorry I couldn't make it to Sensations last night, sick as a dog.

    3. Justin Sane

      Justin Sane

      I got horribly sick my third week in LOS. New country, new germs. It was bound to happen.

    4. cheyenne


      You dirty little fecker!!

  10. If you want to see a ladyboy go mad, try to pay her in 7-11 stamps.

    1. Robi_slo


      She could buy herself nice rucksack though. ;)

  11. Got fucked by Horsecock Nancy last night. Ever since then, I've been walking like a cowboy, and all the GGs say they think I'm into ladyboys.

    1. luv u long time

      luv u long time

      good man! godspeed ;-)

    2. Justin Sane

      Justin Sane

      A motorcycle taxi ride on Pattaya pavement was big trouble. Bouncing up and down. I could feel a jolt of pain with each bounce.

    3. garrydirty


      Bet u like it eh?? dont know if i could take it..she would have to tie me up and force me.LOL

  12. Went to a nightclub with my mates. Above the door, it says 'No Ladyboys allowed', but the person stamping your hand to get in is a ladyboy. T.I.T.

  13. Went to a LB bar and took the GG waitress to the ST room upstairs. Not the best lay, but the look on the ladyboy's faces was priceless!

    1. Spar10
    2. Justin Sane

      Justin Sane

      No, this was in BKK. Tell more about this GG at Baby Boom. I might have to check her out too!

    3. Spar10


      Oh there is a sexy GG working there. Got a pic of her in my trip[ report. Jcs fancied a bit to. Nice looking girl.

  14. For the past two weeks in BKK I've been going out drinking with mates instead of mongering. What's wrong with me?

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    2. CUM_4_U


      maybe you are becoming holy? 55555

    3. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      its mongering jim but not as we know it....not as we know it...

    4. icebergjr.


      I know your just saving it up for the 29th see ya in Guess at midnight, bro!

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