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  1. In mindano kidnap capital of Asia

  2. My lady is going bald:(

    1. Jimmy_Lovepants


      not a problem jimmy...just turn the lights off when u make love to her :)

    2. garrydirty


      buy her a wig lol

    3. laptop
  3. Living full time with a lb these days :)

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    2. Jazza01


      lucky bastard!

    3. garrydirty


      good luck, hope all goes well

    4. jimmy23456


      Ain't perfect but I'm so happy she has Facebook to occupy her for hours at a time ,

      Yep she's philo , but tbh she's a sweetie

  4. Gonna dabble in Boracay :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. duke007


      yep, let us know how you get on jimmy and have a great trip

    3. jimmy23456


      Gf will be in tow, but shall be doing a little research for some nice "massage" shops :)

    4. yumyum


      keep your head down fella, bit of a breeze about!

  5. Lb gf just told me she thinks I'm a little feminine :(

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    2. jimmy23456


      Good idea, can't win with these ladyboys sometimes, do they realise they are men!!!

    3. Riche555


      No, they are not - at least not at the moment ...

    4. garrydirty


      was that before or after she fecked u? 55555

  6. Xmas and new year in the philiphines with gf happy happy:)

    1. Bax


      sounds like things are going well.. good for you and your girl.

  7. At way out club this sat, anyone out???

    1. jcs


      Yes but will be a few thousand miles away in pattaya...

    2. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      Sorry in Italy this weekend but will be there next week as its the birds birthday if you can make it

    3. jimmy23456


      No probs Albert, going with my gf for a look around, :)

      Will be back in London in October

  8. Woopsy! Forgot this is a Thai website! Sorry admins

    1. kathoeyfan


      Saw the thread for a moment before it was gone. Yes it kills brain cells.

  9. Hitting the casinos of Great Yarmouth this weekend with my princess

  10. Preparing for a weekend of lovey dovey kissy kissy with my katoey x

  11. Thanks hellokatoey :)

  12. Cannot believe my luck!!!!!!! Had to change sometime

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    2. jimmy23456


      Nope , met a ladyboy from the Philippines in my town, fit as xxxx, up for fun, even bought me a KFC afterwards :) wrapping this one in cotton wool

    3. yumyum


      nice one, good luck

    4. jimmy23456


      Cheers ! New to this in the uk, took her to the park and bought her an ice cream tonight, totally lubbed up :)

  13. Date tomorrow with a Filipino lb, located in my home town :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jimmy23456


      Excuse my ignorance but what's BFE???

      Just ad a 30 minute phone call with my lady, I'm gagging for it. The plan is to ply her with alcohol and chops ahoy!!

    3. Jazza01


      Like they have gfe;girlfriend experience. But yeah, getting her drunk should do the trick also

    4. jimmy23456


      Aha, got it now, 6 hours to go, should be fun :)

  14. back in the saddle....

  15. God I'm bored:( oh yay time for countdown:)

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