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  1. 10 days and I'll be in Manila ....

  2. Back to LOW - wonder when my next trip will be ....

    1. garrydirty


      when u book it 555

  3. One more night, and the fun will be over

  4. Checkin done - time to catch a plane !

  5. One more week, then off to LOS. Hope the bars will be open, and no mourning period enforced !

  6. 2 weeks and counting. Slowly getting a bit nervous....

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    2. Riche555


      hehe, it's not so much the thinking, it's more about the butterflies !

    3. Bax


      Don't worry about us butterflies.. right iceberg? haha :)

    4. Riche555


      well I hope the butterflies in my stomach are a bit less big than the ones flying around in patts !

  7. Well I suppose with my upcoming trip to Patts and the promised trip report I should manage to add some post to the counter - but the member status is not really the main reason for posting, it's more that I love to read what others experience and give back with my own sights, since posts are what keep a forum alive.
  8. Ahhh good - I was wondering the same thing, noticed some members having the +, but could't find anything about it posted - so thanks for the clarification !
  9. 19 days to go - why is time slowing down ??

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    2. Pad thai boy

      Pad thai boy

      But when you get there time will be double quick !!

    3. kathoeyfan


      haha maybe better is "a watched cock never boils"?

    4. Riche555


      A cooked cock never atches ???

  10. Status: Waiting impatiently ....

    1. Vasilli


      Me too Riche .

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