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  1. The fastest one takes about 4 hours and goes from Hua Lamphong station ( very close to Yaowarat/Chinatown). I believe this ferry route has been tried a few times before and failed financially every time...
  2. Ask them to issue a letter. They are standard and takes less than 1 minute to issue, it basically states they are vouching for the origin of the cash.
  3. Sorry, my mistake. You are right, it officially is €10K or the equivalent in GBP ( using the exchange rate of the day). Here is the link to download the declaration form: https://www.gov.uk/bringing-cash-into-uk @Essex Boy: Personally I would just take a bank letter with me and not bother with the declaration as the chances of being picked up are very small and you can always claim ignorance. But the actual declaration process is easy as long as you can prove origin of the money.
  4. Maximum you can take out without declaring is GBP (£) 10K. Maximum you can take into Thailand without declaring is US$20K. Given the current exchange rate you are clear on both fronts but I would still advise you to ask your bank for a 'letter of source authentication'. A few months back I travelled with £8K cash and got stopped by a snotty HMRC chap who got all excited when he heard I Had £8K cash on me and it resulted in a search + a bunch of dumb questions ( one being if I paid PAYE). They did have sniffer dogs at the gate and a number of people got pulled out of the line, for some change reason they were all mixed UK/Thai couples. Funny enough I travelled with £50K cash a few weeks later which I didn't bother declaring and just walked straight through, but I did out of precaution carry a bank letter with me.
  5. Not sure, but most likely their head office in Taipei will be able to help you out.
  6. Sure, if he only plans a stay of one 90 day stay per year + another 1 month trip he doesn't need a retirement visa and a tourist visa will suffice. I was replying to the general question whether a PE Visa is preferable over a retirement Visa if you're over 50.
  7. If you're over 50 and meet the financial retirement criteria you're better off going for the basic retirement visa. I'm 46, so do not qualify yet for retirement, hence the decision to take out the 5 year PE visa. When that's up I'll be 51 and switch to the retirement visa as I'll be eligible by then...
  8. Well, I've just gone through the process with Thailand Elite for a 5 year Privilege Entry Visa (PE Visa) and have this morning received confirmation of my Membership nr. I had been considering moving back to Thailand for about 2 years when I received some good news 2 weeks ago which accelerated my decision. Once I had made up my mind that starting a new chapter in my life, thus moving back to Thailand, was the right decision, I re-acquainted myself with all the Thai visa options available. I'm 46, so not eligible for a retirement visa, which means it would have to be a Student Visa, the new 6 months visa, various multiple-entry options, the PE Visa or just go in and out via the 30 days visa exempt system. After weighing up the various pro's and con's of each Visa, I decided the PE Visa was the easiest option around. Sure, it costs 500K Baht, but over a 5 year period that's not so much more all the other options would cost either when taking visa runs into consideration. This is the timeline it took for the membership to get sorted: Sunday, 22nd of November I asked for info via the Thai Elite website ( http://www.thailandelite.com/index.php). Monday, 23d of November I received a reply with explanation, requirements and application form (6 pages). Monday, 23d of November I emailed them a scan of my passport, scan of a picture and the application form in pdf format. Tuesday, 24th November Thai Elite emailed me acknowledging receipt of my application and explaining the procedure. Main point was that they were waiting for Immigration clearance which could take 5 working days. Wednesday, 25th November I received confirmation that my application had been approved by Immigration and was given bank details for remittance of funds. Monday, 30th November I transferred the funds from a UK based HSBC Premier Account and emailed them the remittance details. Wednesday, 2nd December they emailed me acknowledging receipt of funds and informed they were in the process of setting me up on their system. Membership ID nr. would follow in a couple of days. Wednesday, 2nd December, a few hours after their previous email, I received my membership nr, together with some practical information I have opted to receive the actual visa upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport. In order for everything to run smoothly Thai Elite has asked me to communicate my arrival details 5 days in advance by either phone or email so that they can arrange for a pick up at the gate and an escort to immigration. All in all I must say that I'm extremely impressed with their service, it was fast & efficient + every time I rang their office the girl(s) I was speaking to spoke excellent English. If budget is an issue than this Visa might not be for you, if however, you're willing to pay for comfort and ease of mind this is the way to go in my opinion. Let's be honest, if you're looking to emigrate to Thailand without intending to work or start a business and don't have enough funds to afford a 500K expense, your best option in most cases would be to stay at home. Below the last email from Thai Elite confirming my membership... Dear Mr. XXXXXXXXX: Greetings from Thailand Elite …. Welcome to Thailand Elite Member Club, the world’s first membership club, backed by the government. We already registered your name into the system and your ID number is XX XXXX XXXX We hope you would find our privileges and benefits useful during your stay in Thailand. Please be noted, members are required to make advance reservations for all privileges and benefits. Also, please kindly find the welcome letter and fact sheet showing privileges and benefits you are entitled to …. Please be gently reminded, Thailand Elite Members are require to do 90-day report at the Immigration Office as well. Furthermore, members who have permanent residence in Bangkok, we have a staff do on behalf of you. Please kindly drop the passport before 90-day report due at our office on Tuesday and come pick it up on Thursday. Regarding to the request for Elite Visa, kindly inform Member Contact Center (MCC) for 5 working days in advance. For more information or reservation on service(s), please contact 24/7 MCC at +66 2 352 3000 or memberservice@thailandelite.com and identify yourself with the aforementioned ID number. Moreover, the list of vendors, Please find them in the privilege book. kindly go to download at http://www.thailandelite.com/downloadable_form_file/downloadable_form_file30.pdf Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a guest of the country soon. Best Regards, Ms. Sucheera Noisumran Sales Support Thailand Privilege Card Co.,Ltd.
  9. Same here, with EVA being the likely winner due to their membership of the Star Alliance. BA would be an option as well for me, although they are part of One World and not Star Alliance, but their business class prices are generally much higher than EVA's.
  10. Looks like the promo fares only apply to economy class tickets and not to business or first. More importantly though it seems that from July onwards Thai will only be operating 1 flight a day between LHR and BKK instead of the currently scheduled 2. The only flight that comes up for me departs LHR at 12.30pm with the return flight departing BKK at 01.10, both these times are not ideal for me as I don't like arriving early morning in BKK (05.45) nor do I like a 07.15am arrival in London. Great that they are finally swapping the old Boeing 747's for the A380, not so great that it's at the cost of 1 flight less per day.
  11. I checked in online and printed my boarding pass at one of the check-in machines in T2, after which I made my way through security and went straight to the Air Canada lounge ( nice lounge by the way). So I basically didn't see or speak to any EVA Air staff until boarding started, but I did see a couple of dedicated EVA check-in counters for Royal Laurel class; perhaps they hand out the fast track vouchers over there. On another note, I found the whole EVA experience quite good. Booking and check-in went flawless, the lounge in T2 is quite nice, the food on board was quite tasty and the service was great. Cute little stewardesses as well which makes a change from the hippo's that you see on airlines like BA,KLM/AF, Lufthansa or any of the American ones. On my next trip to BKK in February I'll fly Thai First again using points, but I'm seriously thinking about using EVA for my April trip. The price difference between Royal Laurel and Thai First is substantial and not really justifiable, especially when BFS can be booked for 1600 Baht.
  12. Correct, which is why I wrote that there is no time gain if you travel with checked in luggage. The reason I'd still use them is the convenience factor of being driven to immigration and use their Premium lane...
  13. I usually fly First with Thai when I travel long distance to BKK which means a pick-up at the gate with a cart and use of the diplomatic channel at immigration is included. I do believe they hand out 'Fast Track' vouchers to business class travellers on Thai but these were definitely not handed out on EVA in their business class ( they call it Royal Laurel Class)yesterday. Since I only travelled with hand luggage the use of BFS made perfect sense to me, when you travel with checked in luggage I'm not sure there is actual time gain. I would still use them though for the convenience factor.
  14. Well, I'm happy to report that I'm extremely impressed with the service of BHS. My plane landed at 3.45pm, we were at the gate with doors open at 3.55, upon exiting the plane a rather lovely looking young girl was waiting for me with her electric cart and whisked me to the Immigration Premium lane in less than 5 minutes. I stepped into my waiting car at 4.05 and was at The Landmark at 4.45. So basically from touchdown to car took 20 minutes and from touchdown to checking in at the hotel took 1 hour. Excellent service which I'll definitely use again if I don't fly into BKK with Thai...
  15. I usually fly into BKK on Thai Airways in first class, which automatically means I'll be greeted at the gate by a Thai representative with an electric cart who escorts first class passengers to the diplomatic channel passport control; from gate to car rarely takes longer than 20 minutes this way. Unfortunately Thai was fully booked in First and Business when I tried to book a last minute ticket last week and all I could find was a Business class seat on EVA, so going on your reviews I've booked the electric cart service through BFS as I'm travelling with hand luggage only. The booking process and confirmation was flawless, now all I need is the same prompt service when I land next week
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