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  1. I'm ready to live and to live a live contact and fantasy. Do not you want to join me? C.ARKIN@hotmail.com

  2. I haven't sen you on line lately welcome back,your pic post really inspired me to make my 1st trip to LOS,so thanks alot! Please post some more pics as they are always great.

  3. Thank you for sharing pics with us. You're a great photographer.

  4. hey snapper, you are superstar.........thank you

  5. Hi - the Private Message icon does not seem to be working - can i perhaps request you send me the contact info for Nat - as you have mentioned in your Trip Report - she is clearly one of the best I have seen and would enjoy contacting her when I get to Bangkok.

    Thanls very much!

  6. Hi;

    Really liked pics from post earlier this year. When in Thailand the LB's I see arent that pretty! But since i dont drink I dont hang out at the bars much. I am easy going, good looking 40year old guy, looking for a good looking, down to earth LB for fun and or girlfriend. If you dont mind passing on Nat's number or the other girls, would be great. Heading back to Thai...

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