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  1. I flew with Turkish from Singapore to Bangkok, back in the day when smoking was allowed in flight. I remember it was an alright experience, except for the smoke. After the plane reached flying height and the no-smoking lamp went out, it seemed every passenger and a few stewardesses lit up - all at once. I'm sure some of the Turks had snuck a few shishas on-board and started puffing on those too. All this smoke transformed the cabin's interior, bringing down what seemed to be a blanket of thick smog - replacing the clean air. That smog lasted until we reached Bangkok -- back then planes landed at DMK . I'm a non smoker - so I didn't enjoy the experience, one bit. Nevertheless. I was happy the plane landed safely and I was able to make my way to Nana Plaza in record time! My other recollections of this flight were that the Turkish hostesses were extremely beautiful ( some were blonde - which I thought was unusual - I'd never seen a middle eastern women with light coloured hair), and the plane itself was very modern for that time James .
  2. Hi Mike


     I have enjoyed reading ur posts, particularly on Angeles city . Do you live in Angeles or elsewhere in the PI. If you do, I like visiting the place. If I do come over and visit the Philippines soon , would you be available to show me the sights and sounds of the PI. If you are available, I'd be happy to share  a barfine or two a beer or two with you !!


    Warm regards James

  3. Hi Tongting Do you ever find that two ( or three ) adjacent seats are vacant ?. If so, will Qatar let you keep an entire row for yourself and turn it into a makeshift bed? I do this quite often on Philippine Air flights and manage to sleep my way through many a long flight - especially at night . Is this possible?
  4. Hi Scottiem I might for one. I'd imagine there'd be many empty seats on any Qatar flight leaving Utapao, meaning that there'd be plenty of extra space if you wanted to move around the aircraft. I might be wrong, but I just can't see many seats being sold on that route!
  5. Hi Torque That search method certainly helps find a business class fare on a particular day, but I don't see how that helps in digging out the cheapest Business class fare over several days or several months !! Do you have any ideas ?
  6. Hi TorqueS I'd certainly be prepared to pay $150 AUD for a business class seat from Manila to Bangkok. Where do you find such a great deal or deals?? You mentioned monitoring Skyscanner - how do you find the best business class fare?. My version of Skyscanner seems to search only for Economy seats!!
  7. Hi Mac Where exactly is the Oasis ???
  8. The Red Cross run an STD-HIV clinic Bangkok. In addition to doing HIV tests they screen you for other STDs as well. If all those tests come up negative and you still feel you have some other infection - they will give you a broad spectrum drug. I visited the place about two months ago and was impressed with the medical care they provide. They managed to clean up anything I might have had., Also you don't need to identfy yourself to the clinical staff - it's completely anonomous. Like you, I thought that I'd picked up something the tests just would not detect ! Anyway, I'm glad I visited the Red Cross clinic and I'd recommend them to you ! I hope this helps
  9. If you are going to either phnom penh or vientiane, you can pick-up prescription specs there- with lenses - for a fraction of what you'd pay in Thailand !
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