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  1. Hi midge. Sure. I'm a bit unclear about the dates you are staying at Canterbury tales. Is it from November 2019 to March 2020
  2. Thanks Duke. I know that place. It's sort of old school but good
  3. Hey midge. I'm staying in that street. Where is chow soy. Cheers
  4. Get one of these and buy the Thai hilltribes coffee from supermarket and bingo. Also visit Benjamit coffee as well.
  5. I dont understand you sometimes Thaiman. this is a pretty innocuous chat about coffee and where to get it in pattaya so why dont you chill out on the comments. you are like a discontented old man like the guys from the muppet show
  6. There is Benjamit, great coffee place also Loaf in soi Lengkee. No ski masks or guns
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