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  1. The worlds best beer, Westvleteren, has arrived in Pattaya. Reservations accepted now.

    1. Beauty's Beast

      Beauty's Beast

      Please tell us more!

  2. Morlam tonite. Anyone?

    1. mardhi


      Are you sure its tonight - I thought its the 7th - tomorrow.

    2. sir d

      sir d

      Damn!!!! You're right, mor lam is on Wednesday. And my flight leave at midnight. But thx Mardhi.

  3. Sad... So much value and effort destroyed (community, friendships, pictures, ...). All because of a clumsy mistake by a newbie mod and a hold up by a common pic thief. Or am I missing something?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. deepthroat


      No, that about nails it Sir D. Time to work on restoring and rebuilding.


    3. jcs


      I have not gone and have No intentions of leaving.

    4. Quietguy


      Glad to hear that jcs. Actually I don't think anyone has gone, except Swedeman, who was caught in the crossfire. The others have deleted pics and are waiting to see how things pan out.

  4. One week to wheels up. Yabbebdabbedoooooooo!

  5. In Pattaya August 17 thru 21

  6. short Pattaya visit late August, dates tbc

  7. back home :-(

    1. sir d

      sir d

      quick Pattaya trip second half of August, dates tbc

  8. In pattaya until friday

    1. terry


      good for you sir d,any photos?

  9. 40 hours to wheels up :-)

    1. jcs


      Good man, have fun.

  10. In Patts Nov 25th - 30th :-)

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