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  1. About changing phone. Id had exactly same concern but last week 'er indoors phone screen died so we went to numchai and ended up buying 2 new Samsung j6 for bundled 9400b for pair. Girl in shop transferred everything from my old phone via some app I think in about 15 minutes. I was impressed. Saved passwords moved,photos messages etc. Only thing that didnt move were Line conversations. About Apple I remember the hullaboo when #1 came out and broke 20,000b barrier. An amazing story if they've been able to command 70,000b pricing now. All credit to them for pulling it off.
  2. I'd echo everything LJ said. Dr. Thep is known for tits not SRS. Lack of backup facility plus local anesthetic should set alarm bells ringing. This is a major surgical procedure (with plenty risk) that can't be undone. Choose wisely and probably wait until you can afford to do it properly.
  3. This is current info on Ais website. Maybe that ultra cheap deal finished when they ran out of stock. This price is slightly higher than I remember it
  4. I noticed AIS stores were knocking these out ultra cheap on a promotion couple weeks ago. I think 4000b comes to mind and as little as 1,200b if you're an existing AIS customer with a 4G data package. Didn't look like they had any stock inside the shop but the banners outside were still on display. prior to that I'd never heard of the brand.
  5. Not an altogether good idea IMHO. Loads of flights Swampy/Don Muang direct to Chiang Rai daily - maybe as many as 30 day. Much safer road going Pattaya to BKK than the similar distance Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai over mountainous terrain. To put it into perspective my current GF is from Chiang Rai - she only fly from BKK - Chiang Rai and will not entertain thought of flying from U Tapao to Chiang Mai then bus it despite us living 15 mins from U Tapao airport. She just thinks the road is a known deathtrap and she should know, her family home is on it just outside Chiang Rai.
  6. I've eaten pizza there numerous times (eat in not take away) and i've found it consistently good. Having said i always have noticed the Italian owner was there. I'd not be at all surprised if he wasn't that things could go south pretty fast and as is so often the case food gets over cooked. I've lost count if the amount of times i've binned kfc by way of example as chicken way overcooked and brittle let alone dry. Edit come to think of it dont get me started on salmon or lamb. Nuke seems to be only option to many Thais.
  7. https://m.bangkokpost.com/news/transport/1431455/pitch-set-for-airport-rail-link Not sure if this will link from my phone. It's an article today advising the high speed rail link will go to Cabinet today for approval. It's expected to get approved. 10 stations incl Pattaya. Most land is already under train company ownership as new tracks presumably going next to existing. It will make substantial difference to Pattaya and U Tapao airport.
  8. I never said people staying in the 5000b Hilton were eating in Soi Bukeaw - I just showed it as an example of how the city is changing. Starbucks has queueing rope systems at many stores and they are packed - with Thai's paying the said 120baht drinks. Same while they are playing on their latest model I-Phone or Samsung S8. Far too many people on this forum still think Thai folk' earn fook all. There is huge and growing middle class who are not earning anything like minimum wage. Even a glance in a border casino will demonstrate that farmers have 50,000b up to gamble with - i''ve seen it countless times with my own eyes. What a lot of International brands have been successful at is charging and getting away with charging premiums on so called 'premium' brands - Mercedes are the experts at it as are Heineken's local producers. Quite amazing but true. That is successful aspiration marketing - the typical foreign beer bar owner is still targeting an dwindling traditional market and wondering why there bar is empty or if with customers barely making ends meet as they fail to change/evolve to a changing market. The typical punter of 10-20 years is either priced out of the market or dead from old age - Younger guys/Asian/Middle East are shoulder to shoulder in places like I-Bar paying premium prices of 200b up for beers. The same beer being sold next door in Linda Bar for 60b. Guess which one is busier? A glance at a seafood place in Naklua or Na Jomtien would also confirm - packed with Thai's spending big on seafood dinners. typical bill something like 2000b upwards. The conclusion I reached easily is the demographics are changing. The waitress still earns minimum wage though. The 3rd road disco's catering to Thai market are offering high end products with eye watering prices to match - packed. BONE being latest example of such a place which is actually tucked just behind 2nd road, off 3rd road. Ladyboys are in these places and getting 5000b for an overnight engagement - I know that as one is an ex of mine. 5000b is equivalent of some S$200 - Not a lot of money to someone who earns Singapore levels of wages. A beer at 200b is also half what they are used to paying in Singapore. I'm not saying I am happy with it - but at least I'm not blinkered that it is actually happening and that Pattaya money flowing in is shifting away from it's traditional base to Middle east and Asian markets. Thailand has adapted to ensure the money keeps flowing - something you'd be hard pressed to find acceptance of on this and other traditional Western based forums.
  9. At the time I wrote that post (November) I took it that most posts were actually about prices. My view is still the same. The whole city is evolving and prices are increasing. Just look at McDonald set meals. 10 years ago 108 baht. Now just shy of 200 baht. Somebody is paying it. Same as somebody is paying 120b for coffee in Starbucks. Same same staying at Hilton for 5000b night. It's a busy hotel. I've not eaten there and suspect they'll struggle to achieve those prices in that location but time will tell. I'm just not blinkered to change.
  10. I didn't know that - but it would explain why at 2am the other night in K.R.Us I felt a definite buzz despite not drinking that many. Does seems an odd thing to do, Only reason I drank it was for lower alcohol content.
  11. If your only news source was this forum then you'd believe everyone stays in 1000b night guesthouses. Pays girls 1500b long time and eat 99b English breakfasts all the time. I woke up to 3 facebook posts from girls staying in jw Marriott Bkk, the Hilton and the Hard Rock hotel in Pattaya. Simple fact is plenty people willing to spend money and often showering girls with serious amounts of cash and gifts. 2000b dinners are not uncommon in my experience. 3000b long times etc in Pattaya.
  12. U Tapao is slated for rapid expansion as part of a much larger Eastern Seaboard Initiative. Copious use of rule 44 or whatever it is called is allowing for breakneck pace on lots of things - Just a glance at the new Pattaya-Rayong Motorway being built should be enough to convince even the most cynical. U Tapao is owned by the Thai navy and they want a piece of the pie(dollars) that AOT(Airport Organisation Thailand) is getting at Suwanapoom. It'll happen and quickly (by Thai standards).
  13. Thai Smile is domestic budget offshoot of Thai Airways. Took over most of TG's loss making domestic flights. To all intent and purpose it is TG.
  14. I second the Steak & Co Wagu Rump steak Wednesday special. I'd bet anyone that they were eating regular ultra decent fillet/tenderloin - it is that good. 500b is the price we've been paying recently dining 20.00/20.30 hrs. Pretty sure it's 999b as regular price on other days. Hands down every bit as good if not better than Beefeater.
  15. There is no right of appeal on a UK tourist visa. Been there, done it myself. You have to submit a whole new application (and pay for it) again.
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