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  1. Most of chinese companies offer huge time connections though from 6 hours to more than a day. One way flights are usually cheaper on budget companies as the other airlines usually dont split the ticket in half.
  2. You can experiment a lot with nearby airports, one way etc. Thai was BKK to LHR one way for 233. But only on expedia. Their site was selling it for 350.
  3. Cheapest have seen is berlin to phuket from 250 rt, with scoot.
  4. Perhaps a chinese company with 50 hours layover.
  5. Checking prices now until christmas and january i don't see much difference in price generaly speaking. I think booking in january for february can be a good deal. I expect some deals from airliners at the begining of 2019.
  6. Speaking of taxes i saw ticket price analysis on turkish today. Of 705 ticket price taxes are 50 euros while 295 is fuel surcharge. Airasia and saudia dont charge this, therefore can be quite cheaper every time.
  7. Even non stop flights arrive on sunday. I dont think u have many options on this.
  8. If you are strict with the dates take kuwait for 530
  9. You can fly Etihad to KUL and get Airasia. Around 570 totally. Finair is 534.
  10. Sure it does. On christmas days prices are well over 1000 in economy while in business class price change quite less.
  11. Was looking for one way ticket KUL to LHR, Thai was the cheapest, just 233 euros. But boring 12 hours in economy neither want to spend 800+ for upgrade.
  12. Dont worry, you re not going to enter it as they wont allow you. Definitely paying economy and getting business is worth the trouble transitting there. Also 2 years ago scored ist to kul for 420 with singapore airlines. So istanbul is a possible option for me. Some even try cairo airport which is even more lousy, have noticed qatar fares around 250 rountrip but these are gone now.
  13. Me neither but if the price is correct you should be fine especially if you dont clear customs. Saudia have ocassionaly some incredible deals on business class as low as 720 rountrip (to Malaysia). If i find it may take it again,worth the trouble.
  14. No. Its messy, huge to walk, expensive, wi fi sucks and stuff is un helpfull. But if layover time is reasonable you should be ok. Last time my flight delayed 90 minutes, perfect time to loose my connection but might was company's fault.
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