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  2. I hope u all out there r safe. Hope this virus will go away soon that a little more normal can come to our lives and maybe, a NEW Baby Boom will open again. I missed it before it closed. Take care   

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  4.  6 million searchable free porn clips on xHaaamster.com               So u get what u seach for   555   :)

    1. Jimmy_Lovepants


      That's way too much porn Podders..... even for us lot !!!

  5. hi tony how are you long time no news are you in thailand?how are you? im really boring in france no flight for thailand i hope you re in good shape :-)

  6. Peter, Had problem with Paypal, so sent T/Baht 2,000 with Transferwise to account of New at Kasikornbank. Should be in her account on 07th December. From Bruce Kaye -Murray (Me )

    Use as you will . Regards dannymurray

  7. no monkey business

  8. Why i can not see the full forum annymore, before i always can do.
  9. I've had the same problem that I cannot view most threads.. Im guessing it's because I need to comment/contribute more. It would be nicer if the site informed me that this is the reason as I've spend severals months thinking the place was just buggy Now off the try to find 2 more posts to make sensible replies to so hopefully it lifts the block
  10. Crumbs....

    Is your Avatar...  "Real"???   Just Wow!!!   Do you know who she is, or is it just a pic you liked?   I like it too... Lots!  Lol   


  11. Clear your private messages mofos - i cant send you stuff!

    1. LordJim


      OK ..Thanks 



  12. Trolling SJW's on social media, is hilarious!

  13. Keith's Birthday Party will now be on Friday 30th Oct at Sweethearts

    1. icebergjr.


      Wish I could be there, Keith is a great guy!

  14. Just a fella chasing after that what makes me happy. 

  15. How’s it hanging LordJim?  It’s been quite sometime.  If I’m not mistaken your from New Zealand.  What’s life like for you and your beloved?  Cheers!

    1. LordJim


      All good Sir .....We are  safe in regard to Covid and  life is comfortable ....one lives a long life here in GodZone...... or at least it feels long as its so fucking boring .

      I long to be riding my Ducatti down Soi Chiapoon heading for a coffee at Canterbury Tales unless something catches my eye outside another venue  on the Street of Shame .



    2. Jay_man1989


      Glad to hear y’all are safe and well.  If you don’t already I recommend meditation. It’s an excellent way of finding a solid foundation in a world of constant change.

      Like you, I too, long for an atmosphere more my speed.  2021 is looking promising.

      I start a software engineering bootcamp this upcoming Monday so that I can take a high earning skill with me to Thailand once us fanboys can return.  

      Even though this year has been complete bollocks I’ve had time to get to know myself and come to enjoy this person.  Free from guilt, shame, judgement..  

      I disappeared for a bit because I wasn’t really all that comfortable in my own skin.  Now though, all is well.

      How have you kept yourself busy?  Is the weather favorable in your eyes currently?


    3. LordJim


      Well it sounds like you are getting and keeping your shit together Jay ....good luck with it all . Excellent idea to find some way of working whilst in Thailand if thats where your heart lies

      I am fortunate that I can continue my business from anywhere I have wiifi so I tend to follow the seasons ....NZ/ Thailand and UK . But this year I have just completed a NZ winter for the first time in years ..... Not much fun ....not as bad as a UK winter but Spring is here now and is very welcome 

  16. I had this issue for a couple of weeks. The forum's site was blacklisted and I couldn't get on using my PC (I could with phone). Happily it's resolved now, normal service resumed .
  17. AVG did an upgrade Monday night (Syd Aus time) and still had the problem yesterday, however, another update on Tuesday night has fixed the problem as logged in problem free a few minutes ago.
  18. Thanks to everyone who replied. The info was helpful. The Avast dialog didn't say what the malware was. It sounded like the URL had been blacklisted previously. As you were convinced the site was clean I reported it to Avast as a false positive. They have replied since to say it was checked and its reputation has been cleared in their database. I can login to my normal account now without disabling any protection. It should be clear for all Avast users too.
  19. Had same problem for a few days was going to see what they were saying and post it on site on my phone on technology and IT forum to help me .Some strange reason all is great again good to be back in the saddle again
  20. Yes I had same problem AVG did an upgrade and I was having this problem - went into AVG and to block exception and typed this forum address and no problems since
  21. As my browser is cleared each time I close it, I have to log in to LBP each day. For the last fortnight my AVG anti virus has blocked access when going to the log in screen (both Firefox and Chrome) due to Malware: Blacklist. I think it is a false positive as I checked a couple of Blacklist registers and the log in URL is not listed. To get around it I open up my AVG, click 'Web and Email" box then turn off Web Shield using 10 minute option (it will ask for confirmation) then I log in and immediately turn back on Web Shield so I am only unprotected for the few seconds it takes to log in.
  22. Recently somebody on here had a similar warning. A tech savvy board member pointed to the forum protocol and something to do with the difference between http and HTTPS and certificates. I have no clue about it and can't find the post now. I would look into your browser settings, possibly an option to allow the forum to be accessed without scanning. I get warnings on some sites but do have the option to continue. Different browser, different security level.
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