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  1. OralAnxious

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    Nice! Appreciate the heads up and will be armed with these on my return trip. Btw, I know with the Azithromyvin you take 4 tabs on day one and two tabs on day two, how is the Cipro taken? Thanks
  2. OralAnxious

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    Okay maybe I over estimated but 3 guys a day for the upper tier lbs is quite easy to achieve. That’s 1000 guys a year. There’s a lot of disease in these lb’s.
  3. Just finishing up a 3 week trip here. Had oral with appx 20 lb’s to completion the first two weeks and no sex the last week (by choice). No anal. Many lb’s wanted anal with no condom which I refused (don’t like anal sex). Over the first two weeks came down with constipation, diarrhea, very bad cough (one point I had trouble breathing) and sore throat,, oral thrush and last but not least a quarter sized herpes lesion 3-4 inches above my cock. Went to Dr. Oliver, who did no testing but said I probably had gonorrhea and chlamydia (sore throat and cough) and gave me a shot in the butt and 6 antibiotics ($85). No sex since seeing Dr. Oliver. Slowly recovering. Leaving tomorrow and would love to return but wondering how you guys stay healthy??? Some of these lady boys go thru50 guys a week and they literally all do anal. Just want to be better prepared next time. As you can tell by my username I like to 69 lb’s and women but saw no women as I did not want their pussy’s in my face which I knew would be hard to resist if I saw them. Any help greatly appreciate. And I don’t think it was the cum that caused all my problems. It was the hour of sex prior to the cum that got me sick. thanks
  4. OralAnxious

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    I swear to you I had my right ear drum make a loud pop and then it kind of sizzled like it deflated during hardcore viagra and cialis useage. I went deaf for several days and now deaf in one ear and very hard of hearing in another. It’s quire rare but I did suffer a huge hearing loss due to viagra and cialis useage. I now have a robo-dick. Pump inside my dick. Dick now on command. Hearing with hearing aids suck to the max but I can now fuck and cum for hours on end.