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  1. eduard

    My new CD, sissy, femboi site - Becoming Femme

    not my type of girls...but everyone has it's own taste. Thanks for posting
  2. eduard

    china beijing shemale NO.1 rose

    For others even more expensive in Shanghai...1500 upwards.. Not worth it...from experience
  3. Thanks mate. Will Check it out
  4. Thank u all for the nice suggestions including the arse licking which will be taken into concideration Highly appreciate. Every LB trip in bkk in the past was combined with some shisha smoking at soi Arab... Pattaya is a different world to me so thanks for the direction markings... Cheers Ed.
  5. thanks for the useful tips. appreciated!
  6. Hi guys, are there still shisha bars in bkk and pattaya? I read about one bm writing he smoked a shisha but not sure... If anyone could shed a light on it I would appreciate thanks greets Ed.
  7. I simply love the arabic food. Soi 4 egyptian restaurant. This and a shisha...damnnnnnnnnnn cannot get better than this! Sit eat smoke enjoy and go for the action....