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  1. versatileguy

    Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

    Yes she also did it with me, but I really enjoy when they get satisfaction with my body and feel used. Anyway I think she can be also more " friendly"
  2. versatileguy

    Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

    Had st in her room some minutes ago and I highly recommend her Nice body and lovely big cock. Feel her balls bouncing on mine was great! I think I will try a long afternoon with her. She's a bit crazy but ok. I think she's taking some hormones now because her juice wasn't white at all but the cock was hard all the time.
  3. versatileguy

    Thresome, any advice?

    Yes Lucius, you're right but i think a well made threesome worth the not so good attempts. With girls it's easier and i always had fun
  4. versatileguy

    Thresome, any advice?

    1000 each?
  5. versatileguy

    Thresome, any advice?

    Lol, the bar open at ? Can't you suggest me a good working couple? Thanks for the advice
  6. versatileguy

    Thresome, any advice?

    Hi all, I like threesome but for many reasons never get well as I expected. Sometimes lbs don't match or they are just not in the mood, so can you please help me? I'm in Pattaya right now , any advice for 2 lbs mostly top ? Thanks