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  1. katoeylover69

    How Risky Are BBBJs?

    No risk, no reward. Welcome to life!
  2. katoeylover69

    Bareback porn

    I'm not surprised. Sounds like a pretty powerful drug that could certainly mess your body up.
  3. katoeylover69

    Bareback porn

    What about the potential damage PreP does to your body ie. your liver and other organs?
  4. katoeylover69

    Bareback porn

    Too much money involved. Money number one in Thailand!
  5. katoeylover69

    Moto Taxi Driver Kick Tourist In The Head!

    Thais hate farangs. Those who think otherwise are blinded. A kick than a slap to the helmet? After the kick he was set up for a perfect knee to the head. I guess the man lost his muay thai skills to old age. Just another washed up old bitter Thai. Amazing Thailand!
  6. katoeylover69

    Severe Clap Infection In Pharynx

    did you get a throat swap confirming the gonorreaha? Did you swallow the pussy juice or just lick a little?
  7. katoeylover69

    Severe Clap Infection In Pharynx

    i was told by a doctor who worked with std's that the only way to catch gonorreah in the throat was from penile contact with the throat, and that one couldn't get it from oral sex with a girl. Have you tested positive for gonorreah from a throat swap? As katoeyfan points out above, it could be strep or even toncilitis.
  8. katoeylover69

    Kimmy from Pattaya

    I met her once and turned her down. She looked like a skeleton. Must of weighed 30kg. It was obvious her drug use had taken over her health. I'm not attracted to obvious drug addicts.
  9. katoeylover69

    HIV positive - would you?

    No, I would not because I enjoy sucking way too much.
  10. katoeylover69

    Is Chlamydia rife in Pattaya?

    In the realm of STD's, I think chlamydia is the one to worry about the least.
  11. katoeylover69

    Pattaya going downhill?

    My eyes see the same thing. Glory days are long gone. I don't see pattaya getting better, nor do I see LOS getting better. The erosion seems unstoppable. Maybe a major catastrophe or regional war could reverse things.
  12. katoeylover69

    Super Gonnorrhoea!

    The strains in SEA may be stronger? https://microbewiki.kenyon.edu/index.php/Gonorrhea_in_Thailand I picked it up in PI and had significant symptoms. Others I know who picked it up in PI had same symptoms as me also.
  13. katoeylover69

    Super Gonnorrhoea!

    Which country did you catch it in?
  14. katoeylover69

    Super Gonnorrhoea!

    Old news. Sensationalism. "The WHO found the disease has evolved widespread resistance to a first-line antibiotic known as medicine ciprofloxacin, and is currently becoming increasingly resistant to azithromycin." Ceftriaxone wipes it out almost always, but it looks like there are a few documented cases where it didn't. The article doesn't mention ceftriaxone. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/22/6/15-2091_article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3204624/
  15. katoeylover69

    Okay, I'm being dense.

    Repeat this process until you can't anymore. Keep applying for tourist visas from different countries nearby. That means you have to leave and come back multiple times throughout the year.