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  1. CUDY4

    Kuwait Airways

    I've flown with Kuwait to Philippines, flew economy, I thought they were exceptionally good for the modest price. Very short change time in kuwait but it worked out fine. More leg room than many others. No complaints
  2. Correction to the above actually I meant "Air China", sorry a bit tired today
  3. I flown China Airlines to a different part of asia, good value no problems, although changing in Beijing was'nt a lot of fun.
  4. CUDY4

    Best VPN?

    I,ve got Express VPN on my laptop it only worked deathly slow recent Patts trip, dont know why. I will try one off the above mentioned next time
  5. CUDY4

    Upgraded to Windows 10

    The hours I have spent trying to sort out the problems with windows 10, I finally reinstalled windows 7 and in order to stop 10 deploying itself again I have downloaded the "Never 10" software, One click and it prevents the OS from being changed. Hopefully!
  6. CUDY4

    Upgraded to Windows 10

    My desktop computer was windows 7 home originally Vista and is about 7 years old it refused to accept windows 10 until I did a clean re-installation of windows 7 Following the re-installation It works like a new computer with all the junk gone and then setting up windows 10 was pretty easy. The DVD drive did not work at first following 10 installation but now fixed. CUDY
  7. CUDY4

    Virtual PC ?

    Only just seen this post. I recently bought a laptop windows 7 professional 64 bit and needed to run 32 bit Photoshop on it. I downloaded XP mode and Virtual PC, works fine although its not advised to go on line in XP mode. Photoshop is a suburb program and the only one that fits my needs
  8. CUDY4

    HIV Protection pill

    Whilst I'm wary of taking drugs of all kinds I found this article thought provoking
  9. CUDY4

    London to BKK £502

    OK sorry
  10. CUDY4

    Hepatitis B.

    Just remember these hep B shot have a fairly high failure rate, up to 15% of people are non responders ie the shots simpy dont work and give no protection i am a non responder, only a follow up blood test will confiirm hep B antibodies. It seems to be policy now in some UK sexual health clinics to offer these shots free just make sure they know you pay for sex and consequently are at greater risk. It can be a nasty desease. get the shots
  11. CUDY4

    London to BKK £502

    That not totally true if you'r able if you able to go within a few days from booking. Lastminute.com have flights right now starting with £447 return with Air France from heathrow and other flight choices less than £500
  12. Yes Linux is great and easy to install but I found that it woul;d regularly disconect itself from the internet whenever it would update and be big hassle to reconnect, so back to windows sadly
  13. Very tempting. I once saw a video of N Korean lady soldiers goose steping with automatic rifles and fixed bayonets, a real turn on. Also if only they would include a visit to the Dear Sucksessers barber for a sexy head turning haircut that would really put the icing on the cake
  14. CUDY4

    Buy condoms in Thailand or bring them?

    I bought 48 durex blue packet extra safe on line this year in uk. works out a bit cheaper. and I have ready supply. The girls always have the condoms freely supplied by the admirable sisters organisation and although I've had no problem with these, I prefer to feel a little safer. cudy
  15. CUDY4


    "Sadly this problem is no going to go away. Be careful out there" A major sexually-transmitted superbug that does not respond to antibiotics has been appearing around the world, including in industrialized countries, the World Health Organization officials warned. The STD is a form of gonorrhea. One of the most common sexually-transmitted infections, gonorrhea is spread through oral, vaginal and anal sex. About 106 million people worldwide become infected every year. "Once this organism develops full resistance to this last antibiotic that we have, we have nothing else to offer to these patients," Dr. Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan, scientist at the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at WHO tells CNN. WHO released a global actiaon plan to raise awareness, advocacy and to increase research and prevention efforts. Australia, France, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom are among the countries reporting cases of gonorrhea that does not respond to cephalosporin antibiotics, which is the last treatment option against gonorrhea. These are developed countries with good health care systems, meaning countries less well off may be even more at risk for a crisis. "If the resistence is there, what we think is that we're sitting at a tip of an iceberg," Lusti-Narasimhan said. "For places in many other parts of the world where there are much less both human and financial resources, it's very difficult to know the extent of the data." If left untreated, in both men and women, it can cause infertility. Up to half of babies born from mothers with gonorrhea have severe eye infections, which could lead to blindness. Women who are pregnant may have spontaneous abortions or ectopic pregnancies. If the bacteria gets to other parts of the body, joint pain, swelling and stiffness are possible,