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  1. Thompson Twins

    Favourite food places

    The Japanese place Koneko no osiri. It kind of reminds me of the old coffee shop in Awaza Osaka, just down the road from the gaijin house where I was living
  2. Thompson Twins

    Ladyboy beats up 2 korean?

    They were probably cheap Chan Woo’s
  3. Thompson Twins

    iPhone XS & XS Max (and new iWatch) coming soon

    I’ll stick with the X for now and see what next year brings.
  4. Thompson Twins

    Samsung S9

    Cheers for the iPhone X mate. Luv it !
  5. Thompson Twins

    iPhone 8/ iPhone 10[x]

    Yeah I know. I keep in touch with him now and again. It was just a little light humour. Shared many a good night in Thailand with Robbie both in Pattaya and Bangkok. One of my fondest memories was in the old night market in On Nut with Robbie (former Slovenian Army) Steve (former 82nd airborne USA) and me former British Army. The stories and drink was flowing fast and we got so drunk I don't even remember the Mrs taking me home.
  6. Thompson Twins

    iPhone 8/ iPhone 10[x]

    I'm considering cutting my holiday in LOS down to two weeks from three and then I can justify buying it, as the money would have only been blown on booze and hookers. Then at least I'll have something to show for it. Best of both worlds
  7. Thompson Twins

    iPhone 8/ iPhone 10[x]

    Robislo won't be to happy about that 555
  8. Thompson Twins

    Where to eat

    I can't say it will be safe from the rampant ladyboys next door. But I've eat here many a time and had zero problems after.
  9. Thompson Twins

    Where to eat

    All around Soi Baukhao Italian- Alby & Mickey's Indian- Tikki Center. Right next door to Fantasy Lounge. Sit out front and watch the ladyboys picture attached Chow Soy in best bacon butty (in bloomer bread) plenty of English food on menu The Loaf on soi Lengkee for sandwiches & cakes Jollys- pie & chips best coffee The Hideaway These are just the opinions of my tastebuds others may differ
  10. Thompson Twins

    Best Burger in Patts?

    Albeit in Bangkok, is Burger & Bangers in Soi 20 alley a few doors away from Why Not Bar. Recommend to me by Kendo and definitely on par with the Firehouse in Soi11
  11. Thompson Twins

    Bully's Pub Bkk

    Been going there for quite a few years and have never had a bad meal yet. Rack ribs succulent Bully beef burger mouth watering I was a bit gutted that they removed the lamb chops and mash with rosemary and garlic seasoning Plus a nice place to gave a cigarette outside and people watch Unfortunately they sometimes have silly boys rounders ( baseball) on the screen
  12. A favourite of mine is Alby & Micky Italian restaurant is Soi Buakhao just down past Action st. Bkklbdy showed me the place. You know it's a good Italian restaurant when it's full of Italians. Even had the head of a major New Jersey crime family was there, Mr Tony Soprano himself.
  13. Thompson Twins

    Anyone getting an iPhone "Red"?

    When did the iPhone 55 get released ? I want one lol
  14. Thompson Twins


    I used to use them a lot but went back to using Etihad of late. Nothing to do with the airline itself. It was just the flight times didn't do me any favours arriving home. One thing I always did was book a seat right at the back were there was just two seats and right by the gallery were I could help myself to drinks and ice creams
  15. Thompson Twins

    Sunday roasts

    Agree with both of them and a favourite of yours which unfortunately is no longer was Tropical Bert's soi 6/1 I remember you putting me on to it. A favourite of mine is to have the trio meat Sunday special in Jamersons Irish bar behind the @Mind residence. http://www.jamesons-pattaya.com/