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  1. joiama

    Any nice gay spa in pattya or jomtine

    Sansuk Sauna & Guest House http://sansukthailand.com
  2. joiama

    Dynasty Inn Bangkok

    Love sitting out the front watching the scene go by - They also serve some of the coldest Chang beers in Bangkok.
  3. joiama

    A380, A white elephant?

    Have flown SYD-BKK-SYD a number of times in business and find seat 23A is awesome as it's next to a window and has a bulkhead in front of it which makes it really private. Also it's not to far away from the bar. A really comfortable plane to fly on.
  4. joiama

    Philippine news

    Unbiased - What utter bullshit - SBS are so biased towards the left and PC brigade they wouldn't report the truth if it was handed to them on a platter!
  5. joiama

    How fast are you?

    Ping 73 DL 15.61 UL 0.69 Telstra, North Qld, Australia
  6. joiama

    Drink Spiking In Pattaya Beer Bar

    Ahhh the lovely Nuie, had a great threesome with her and Pat
  7. If you are refering to the one near the pool and beer bar complex it's closed.