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  1. In recent years I have flown Air China , China Southern , and Hainan ..... all from either JFK or ORD. I would rate Hainan far above the other 2, but since they have refitted their 787 with 1-2-1 seating in Bizz, they also raised their prices by US$1000 RT. Not worth it for me, I book early and get one of the two center aisle seats with row access and no one having to climb over me. China Southern was fine, but Guangzhau is infamous for weather delays and I almost missed my connection . Not that PEK ( Beijing ) is any better , but for a RT Business class ticket , no one comes with $ 1500 of Air China's price.
  2. I took Air China Bizz in May , JFK-PEK-MNL I have no complaints , transit through PEK can take a while..... the planes were fine, good service, big lounge at PEK with good selection of food and drinks. Doing it again end of September , no other airline even comes close to the price.
  3. nikki666

    Is It Common Scam.

    I agree....don't get involved in other peoples business..... period...never ends well..... But I agree , it sounds like a shakedown of sorts.
  4. nikki666

    7Hr In Beijin Airport

    There is no fresh air in Beijing.....really..... The airport is huge , to walk from T2 to T1 can take 20 minutes....
  5. In Pattaya , I like Fire and Stone on Pattaya Klang.... their dough is very good. Also New York Pizza House on Sai 3 for delivery.... I never order pasta in a restaurant because it is simply too easy to make it myself , usually better than the restaurants anyway. I understand a lot of people don't know how to cook , but that's fine...
  6. As previously mentioned, preferences on pizza is much like beer, drink and girls.... they vary widely... BUT..... that photo in the OP looks like crap. Is that the pepperoni and hot dog special ? akkkkk
  7. nikki666


    These days you should have decent WIFI at your hotel/condo. Most bars and restaurants also have WIFI , just ask..... if you have a modern Android phone , it will remember these passwords and connect you when you are in range...... why would you need a huge amount of data ? Buy a package for 300 B and throw a 100B on for phone calls , which I use very little since LINE is free..... this usually lasts me a month as long as I don't make international calls.
  8. nikki666


    If you have remaining credit on your SIM , it should work as applied to data once reactivated ... I usually buy a package for data and supplement a little for SMS and calls which I use very little (LINE primarily ) . The data package has an expiration on it ...usually 7-14-30 days , but any phone credit remains valid.
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    Another invisible post.... WTF ?
  10. nikki666

    Dynasty Inn Bangkok

    Here is the webpage with pricing.... book direct http://www.dynastyinn.com/Bangkok/Dynasty-bangkok-guestroom.html
  11. nikki666

    Dynasty Inn Bangkok

    Just booked this again... 3 years later... room rate is still the same.....
  12. I try to change my underwear twice during a trip , but changing rooms / hotels/ condos while staying in the same city seems silly unless you have good reason to.
  13. nikki666

    Netflix in Thailand

    I accessed Netflix in both Thailand and PI last month. Some shows were not available , most were.
  14. nikki666


    I didn't know snails give you a boner ????