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  1. flamesfan7

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    Thanks Soidog. I may contact you in the future should I need further assistance. Thanks for your input and wish me luck in September. Hopefully everything will work out. If need be I can always spend a little money and have an agent do the paperwork for me. LOL I have time to take care of this matter. Booked for 2 months in September and 2 more months in January. That should offer me plenty of time to procure the Retirement Visa by September next year for extended stays. Thanks again. I appreciate it.
  2. flamesfan7

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    Thanks so much. You have provided more clarity for me than I've been able to receive on most web sites. I really appreciate it. My "evidence of stay" is gonna be a bit of a problem. I plan on traveling around and I won't have bookings for my entire stay. Previously I've only stayed for 1-2 month periods and had booked a hotel for the entire period and the hotel had given me a certificate . When I begin staying longer I'll only have "evidence of stay"for perhaps the first month and not my entire trip. Not sure how to get around that. Once again thanks for your help.
  3. flamesfan7

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    Thanks Ausmagoo. That was extremely helpful. I really appreciate your response and will follow your lead. Thanks
  4. flamesfan7

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    I'll be relying on my retirement income ($5000+). Don't have the funds to establish a bank balance in the amount required. How do I go about receiving income verification. Just go to my home embassy with proof of income and ask for a verification letter?? Is it necessary to have a background check and medical endorsement? I have no problem with either, but is it necessary? The medical documentation can be merely a letter from my physician stating I am in good health? The background check can be provided by any law enforcement agency here in New York? I can go to any Thai immigration office in Thailand to begin the process? I'll be arriving in September and spending a week or so in Pattaya and then going to Buriram for a month or more. Better to try Jomtien or Buriram immigration? One last question......Is it better to hire an immigration specialist and pay the baht for his services?
  5. flamesfan7

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    I've been told I need a Non-Immigrant O visa prior to applying for a Retirement Visa. I'm retired and have ample retirement income (over $5000 monthly). I plan (hopefully) to stay in Thailand from September to May beginning next year. I currently am booked for 2-60 day trips (September And January) and wanted to know if I could do the application process in Thailand when I arrive there. The nearest Thai consulates to my home here in upstate New York are a 5-6 hour drive and doing it through the mail would seem to be a bit burdensome. I plan on visiting an immigration specialist in Thailand in September to inquire about the Visa's, but I'm sure they'll charge me a pretty penny for that. I'm trying to find out the easiest and less expensive way to apply for the Retirement Visa. I've gone to the Immigration websites, but I'm left with many questions concerning the process. If need be I can do it here in the U.S., but if it's possible to do it in Thailand it would be beneficial to me. I have proof of income and citizenship status, but I believe I may also need a background check and medical status validation here before I go to Thailand. Are those items necessary ?? Appreciate any information anyone may have. Thanks
  6. flamesfan7

    Non Immigrant-O Visa

    It is possible to apply for such a visa while in Thailand? Or is it better to apply in your home country?
  7. flamesfan7

    Visa Exemption On Arrival ?

    Went through​ my passport and every trip (9 total) was stamped for 30 days. I travel from the U.S. with a Canadian passport and there seems to be no deviation from the 30 day stamp. Never the less, it would seem proper to check the stamp each time upon entering the Kingdom to assure no problems. Wouldn't want any surprises upon departing.
  8. flamesfan7

    Extending A 30 Day Visa

    Thanks OzzyC​. I think I'm going to get my "O" visa in September when I am there and when I return in January go for the retirement visa. I meet all the requirements for both the non-immigrant visa and the retirement visa so it shouldn't be such a big process to be approved. I have just a couple more questions. LOL ​I'll be applying with the monthly income requirement, so I merely go to my home embassy in Thailand with verification of income and they will issue me an affidavit of income?? Although I reside in the U.S. I believe I need to use the Canadian embassy (I'm a Canadian National) because I travel with a Canadian passport. ​At the end of the year on my retirement VISA I merely go to Thai immigration and have it extended for another year? I know I'll have to report every 90 days but when the VISA expires is it easy to extend for the next year and so on? Also do you know the fee for extensions each year?? ​Would it behoove me to hire a visa consultant in Thailand to assist me in the process or would that be money wasted. I know many of these services charge quite a fee to process your visa for you. I consulted a service about a year ago about helping me get a 30 day extension and they quoted me 6000 baht. I did it myself in Jomtien myself quite easily for 1900 baht. ​I really appreciate your help Ozzy. I am not a fan of red tape and sometimes these processes really befuddle me. LOL
  9. flamesfan7

    Extending A 30 Day Visa

    I'll be returning to Thailand in September and I'd like to acquire a retirement visa before I go if possible or as soon as possible anyway. My first question is do I need to start with a Non-Immigrant Visa-O, then apply for the 1 year retirement visa. I read the info on the Thai Embassy website and this seems to be the case. Next I'm confused where to apply for these documents. I am a Canadian National (Canadian passport) residing in New York as a "legal" permanent resident (I have a valid green card). Have lived in New York for over 30 years now. Where do I apply for the Thai visa documents? At the Canadian consulate, the American consulate or the Thai consulate? All these places would require 4-6 hours of travel from my home. And can this be done at a consulate or do I need to go to an Embassy? Is it possible to take care of all these issues when I arrive in Thailand in September or do I need to do it from here? I figure I could stay in BKK a few days and bounce around the embassies getting it done there if possible. I'll be staying in Thailand for 58 days in September using the Jomtien extension again I hope, and then I'm going back in January for 2-3 months. My last 3 trips I've had round trip tickets for 50 or more days and have never been questioned about the 30 day passport limitation by Delta and never any questions at Immigration in BBK. Hope to get this all resolved before next year because later next year I want to have that retirement visa so I can come and go as I please and stay as long as I wish. The passport/visa/immigration game is a confusing one. Is it just Thailand or is it confusing elsewhere??? Hoping for some help here.
  10. flamesfan7

    How to extend your dates/flights ?

    Last year I had to return early from a trip to Thailand. I had booked round trip with Delta and i was charged $700 to change my flight to an earlier day. I suppose it would have been similar if I wanted to extend as well. I might add that the layovers on the flights were nightmarish. LOL 8 hours in Shanghai and 7 hours in Detroit. WTF!!! And I also suppose different airlines would charge different amounts to alter a return date.
  11. flamesfan7

    Current Visa/immigration time,

    I don't remember ever having more than an hour or so from debarking airplane/clearing customs/collecting baggage/arriving at taxi area. Average time I would place at about 45 minutes. My flights normally arrive around midnight. Airplane to customs - 10 minute walk Customs - 15-30 minutes Baggage - 15-20 minutes
  12. flamesfan7

    visa extension ?

    The varied types of visa's really confuse me and the visa websites and some of the input concerning visa's confuses me even more. LOL I am booked to stay in Thailand for 46 days, what is the easiest way to do it?? I don't live anywhere near a Thai embassy or consulate, and I travel with a Canadian passport but live in upstate New York. I also don't care to send my passport through the mail. It would suit me best to extend on the ground when I am in Thailand since I will be staying in Pattaya and Jomtien immigration is close by. With all that being said, I have deduced that I can enter Thailand with a round trip ticket on 1/23/18 (46 days to return flight, 3/9/18) and merely go to Jomtien immigration sometime just before my initial 30 days is up (2/25) and receive another 30 days to carry me over until my return flight (3/9/18). I believe that to be a simplest procedure and would cost about 1500-1800 baht. Can anyone confirm this to be a viable plan without all the single/multiple entry, tourist visa, trips to consulate, sending passport in mail, etc., etc., etc. Trying to keep it as simple as possible. LOL Thanks in advance for any confirmation.
  13. flamesfan7

    Air China Experience

    When I travel to Thailand I have used Delta for my 8 trips the past 4 years. The first 6 trips were identical.....Upstate New York to Detroit to Narita (Tokyo) to Bangkok. Never a problem and Delta jets/staff all the way. I found Narita to be very user friendly and had no difficulties at all. Evidently Delta has stopped using Narita and now fly's to either Incheon (S. Korea) or Shanghai (China). My last trip took me to Shanghai on my return flight. Very spartan airport with nary a smiling face to be found. Upon arrival the plane parked on the tarmac away from the terminal and everyone left the plane and packed (and I do mean packed) into a bus and were driven to the terminal. Spent a couple boring hours awaiting my connecting flight and again was packed into a bus and driven out onto the tarmac and boarded my flight. Delta's change in connections has prompted me to rethink my travel plans and perhaps fly east from New York to Thailand instead of west through Delta. Same number of connections and similar time frame for flights (22-26 hours). More airlines (United, Emirates, Cathay, etc.) and cheaper prices as well. I might add that Delta has also changed their policies for upgrading their "medallion" status for perks (boarding, baggage, etc.), making it almost impossible to advance to upgraded status.
  14. flamesfan7

    Backup External Drive

    Had an external hard drive fail a few years ago. I now update my drives periodically (every couple years). It's costly to take a drive to a pro to have it retrieved. Cost me $200 and it retrieved about 90% of the data/photos/music. I now have a back up for my back up. LOL I should prescribe to a service that backs up my stuff but never followed up on that.
  15. flamesfan7

    New baht bus routes

    It sounds as if I'll have to start doing a little more walking in Pattaya. I can't make hide nor hair of the route maps. Luckily I stay at a central location and most places are accessible by short walks. 5 minutes to Soi Buakhao/Diana 10 minutes to Baby Boom 10 minutes to Central Festival/Soi 7&8 10 minutes to MIT 69 bar 15 minutes to Sensations 10 minutes to Lita's/LaBamba/The House Jomtien/Naklua/WS/Soi 6 will be my only challenges Gonna work up a little extra sweat, but I can always use the workout. LOL If only I could finally rid myself of the fear of moto taxi's. I'm 6'4 and my knees hang out a little too far for my liking on those little scooters. LOL