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  1. rouke

    Ladyboy beats up 2 korean?

    nice one kwan ! and she is very pretty where can she be found? Anyone has her thaifriendly id ?
  2. rouke

    Ladyboy beats up 2 korean?

    Was curious on how the ladyboy look like. Even though her faced was mosaic ed , got a feeling she looks good, looking at her body build and overall face shape very passable should be lovely in the room if not drunk https://thethaiger.com/news/pattaya/koreans-end-up-in-hospital-following-pattaya-cross-cultural-experience https://www.sanook.com/news/7508150/
  3. rouke

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    Hi BMs, thank you for the information on this thread, keeping it alive again. Just a small suggestion. It will be good if you can post the ladyboy pics as they sometimes change names and thaifirendly profiles more frequent than they do a proper job in the room.
  4. Thanks and noted sentanta Thanks hellah, will bear this in mind when i am there
  5. Hi ladyboy113, point taken, sounds like a plan, thanks Hi odotor , i remember reading somewhere on pattaya that the train to Pattaya would take more time to reach pattaya. Probably not this coming trip but I will bear in mind, perhaps a few trips, later. Thanks for the advice. Hi Ghost of Steptoe , well , as i mentioned in my first post, i already met the twats you mentioned. From google map, i noticed there are bus stops along the main road sukhumvit , i am hoping there may be locals alighting from the main road and taking the songtaew running through sukhumvit and beach road . if so, i would tag along getting up the songtaew hi blueyes, i am convinced Bell Bus definitely a good choice. it is just that , how should i put it, okay, let me cite an example for the people go to gg agogo bars and gg bars and gg soapy spas , if they never been to a ladyboy bar or massage , they havent really seen much of thailand yet. it is not a must do thing, it is just that i would try if it a viable and cheaper travel method ? if it is really so bad, then i can advise my friends to avoid in the future. if it works, i can still switch to Bell buses later, if i want a more comfortable ride. Does it make sense?
  6. hi setanta, i realise i missed replying back. yes, i would definitely try Bell bus some time later. for this trip , i would just like to walk the walk, or rather ride the ride , see how it feels , to see if is is feasible by taking this path of travel
  7. HI hellah, i dont think so. if i recall from my first trip, the only bus terminal it stops at is the final stop Thappraya road office Hi tenedave, as mentioned earlier, we were been fleeced 200 baht for 3 over there. there seems to be a t-junction nearby king power, . i guess i can cross over track a bit from the 1st drop off point. just to side track a bit, Heaven Entertainment sounds interesting. any known kinky business happening inside ? Thanks odotor for the verification,i would try that when i am there Hello Fenton, i travel light. only a backpack, less than 3 ~ 4 kg. I used to bring a laptop but i realised after a few trips i seldom had time to even touch it. most time in thailand, i am either groping girls / ladyboy breasts or banging them or ravishing ladyboy dicks within a span of 5 days. Nowadays only clothing, a battery pack to charge my handphones in case of emergencies, a soft toothpaste, phone charger with usb outlet, maybe light medication for diarrhoea. etc
  8. Hello ihe2 I am aware of the Bell buses, the reps can be easily seen as they wear pink polo tshirts , I would like to experience , to get a feel of how it is . Knowing all your options, next time we can adjust accordingly, especially when faced with unforeseen circumstances, such as flight delays, overbooked bus capacity and not willing to wait for the next bus interval, early flight arrival ( although this would be very rare) etc . Also , the extra baht saving can add on to the tips I am going to give to the next girl or ladyboy who performs well in room.
  9. Hello all BMs need a bit of advice on pattaya bus drop off points when taking the airport bus to pattaya There should be 3 drop off points as seen from the website, http://airportpattayabus.com/V2/airport-to-pattaya/ 1) Opposite King Power Pattaya 2) Opposite Big C south Pattaya 3) Thappraya road office I will be staying in Central Pattaya this coming October so I reckon the first drop off point would be the nearest to my hotel. However, it is still a long stretch. I research further and found this baht bus route map - main baht bus routes pattaya and jomtein https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?t=m&oe=UTF8&msa=0&ie=UTF8&mid=1-jXEseXC4ZWwGy2C77tzqeSAqrY&ll=12.92937242171759%2C100.89231199999995&z=12 Among the baht bus routes, there is this route for Central Pattaya Road. Can anyone confirm if this baht bus route and other routes are still valid? I would assume it would also cost 10 baht for travel, correct? After many false starts, i finally followed my friends to Pattaya for the first time earlier March this year. One of my friends had taken Bell Travel bus before and mistakenly thought this airport bus would end the journey in the same bus terminal. We eventually were fleeced by the baht bus driver waiting for passengers at the terminal, paying 200 baht for 3 person while sharing with other local passengers Worse, the baht bus dropped us off almost 600 m-800 m away on the adjacent street and it took us 1 hour plus to find our hotels so I would like to avoid a repeat of this.
  10. rouke

    Golden Sea Pattaya Hotel

    Thank mate! Will take note of that. Useful info, mate! Appreciated! Tried to like post but ran out of likes!
  11. rouke

    Golden Sea Pattaya Hotel

    Booked two days for the hotel room in end July next month Ladyboy friendly hotel ? Checked ======================================= Dear Micke Rouke, Warmest greeting from Golden Sea Pattaya! Yes, You can bring lady boy to your room. We allow two persons in the room (You and one joiner) no charge . We will charge extra person THB 500 per time. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us any time. Best Regards, Chantra Lomnak(Ms) Reservation Golden Sea Pattaya Tel . (66 38) 052331-2 Ext.103 Fax. (66 38) 052334 316/152 Moo.10 Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi 20150 www.goldenseapattaya.com | e-mail : reservation@goldenseapattaya.com ================================ Safe in the room ? Checked Available in all roomsAir conditioning Non-smoking room Telephone Complimentary bottled water Refrigerator Wi-Fi [free] In-room safe box Shower Location: 500 to 1 km away from the nearest ladyboy bar :Electric Shock: . I assume I can get a ride back via Tuk Tuk? Room: Deluxe with window cost $88 SGD for 2 days after discounts I am actually sold when I saw the agoda ad pic I would let you all know end of next month if this hotel is any good
  12. Just read this article today. http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/foreign-affairs/2016/09/25/479352/Six-Taiwan.htm Any BMs can correlate the authenticity of this piece of news? "After we checked in, the counter service staffers found various reasons to deny us room keys. They asked us to put our luggage in the rooms and to have a walk around," one tourist said. The woman reportedly told staff that their room telephone did not work and that the French windows did not lock. Though asked to resolve these issues, the staff did not, according to the tourists. Unusual Odor After returning to the resort at night, the tourists smelled what they later described as an "unusual odor" in their rooms. One of the tourists, in a social media post, said the odor was "very fragrant" and that it triggered headaches and extreme fatigue. The women — even one who was a chronic light sleeper — proceeded to sleep deeply all night, according to the post. The following morning, the group reportedly woke to find the French window open and their wallets scattered across the floor, with over 70,000 Thai baht (NT$63,300) missing."
  13. Well at least the Boys in Black got it right this time http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/757352/larcenous-ladyboys-held-in-pattaya Hopefully, other ladyboys who intend to prey on others will think twice although I very much doubt it. I reckin any BMs having their credit card stolen by any of these trio and fancy trying to recover their money can try to check with the police if they can ever claim back their money.
  14. rouke

    U-Tapao Goes big time?

    Looking forward to the day when budget airlines can fly directly from Singapore to Pattaya.
  15. Note sure why but there is no option to edit my 2nd last post. Reposting here. https://www.facebook.com/ladyboyforum Bangkok https://www.facebook.com/pages/Check-in-bar/487465234703482 https://www.facebook.com/temptationsbkk https://www.facebook.com/pages/Obsession-Agogo/600169553399111 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cascade-Bangkok/635914816491230 https://www.facebook.com/darksidebangkok Pattaya https://www.facebook.com/sensationsbar.soibuakaow https://www.facebook.com/darly.sengchanh