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  1. Tried Storrect yet? The green pill that adds girth.....apparently the gg's can have them too! Always been satisfied with the results.
  2. phillloyd70

    Cost of flight

    1500 quid return business on Qatar Airways, over 500 cheaper than Emirates......now thats cheap.
  3. phillloyd70

    Hooters Pattaya

    Went a few times recently, nice place to have a sundowner and a quick bite.... It's not like the Hooters in the States, open plan, feels like you are outside....and the girls are cute....but they have signed a strict contract, no bar fines.
  4. phillloyd70

    Best buisnessclass between Thai, Swiss n Luftansa?

    Having tried all three in business class i would recommend Emirates A380 window seat! But if it's a freebie, Lufthansa gets my vote. Phil