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  1. christianxxx

    HIV / AIDS Pattaya Ladyboys 2016

    I have been to Thailand for work 9 times now for 2 different companies over a span of 5 years. Every single girl I work with is HIV tested prior to the scene. I would guess that I have done roughly 120-130 scenes total in Thailand. I would guess that roughly 20-25 of the girls we have had tested have tested positive for HIV. Obviously those girls are told to retest to make sure and they don't get to do a sex scene. I was also always told that all the girls outside of Nana Plaza and not in one of the bars are either drug addicts or HIV positive and that's why they are out there. Not sure how true that is. So if I were to make some sort of guess, I would say the HIV rate of Thai ladyboys hovers somewhere between 15-20 percent. Which seems rather high and scary to be honest. Again this is just my 2 cents on the subject.