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    Hi I am ladyboy
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    Thanks for your trip report
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    Hello Kwan. I had looked using said USF (your novel acronym, which I propose be included as international standard), and even now, excluding mine, the 8th one listed was about a 2015 rendition. The list from AusMagoo was most informative and I appreciate you both Glad the mod pulled it, I was afraid of the possible ensuing repetition and the redundancy. Just as I thought, there were a few clarifications for me, which is what I wanted. After all, I didn't fall out my mama knowing all this wisdom. Thanks again
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    thanks for the cartoon ..I need some more support ..feel lonely to publish...
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    Hi Happy Xmas to you both I am back in town on 25th so will attend your do on 27th, so hope to meet up with u again and meet Jan for 1st time trevor
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    Hi! I'm a transgender woman from the USA who has been living in Thailand for 8 months. I love the ladyboy scene and have gone to cabarets and bars all over the country. Recently met some great folks at TJ's and Katoeys Are Us. I am a bisexual woman who appreciates the beauty of ladyboys and I write about them for my blog.
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    Hello, my name is Kim. It is the first time I write in this forum. I reading occasionally in this forum forum a longer time already. I am living in Europe and come to Thailand every year for a longer holiday. Most of my experience is with girls. I just started to like the lb in recent years. As long as my experience is very low i think I think I should read more than write. But I will try to support the forum. Thank you, cheers Kim
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