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  1. Forum was down due to technical difficulties. Apologies for any inconvenience.

    1. icebergjr.


      Thanks for the explanation. Glad it's back up.


  2. Yes, but the server became unbootable unfortunately. The forum is now running on a backup server as migrating contents into a brand new build server.
  3. New Feature: Book a Hotel in Pattaya The new feature "Book a Hotel in Pattaya" is located above the logo of the forum (top left) You can book a hotel directly in Pattaya through Agoda.com at any given time The forum receives a small share when a room is booked at no extra cost for you.
  4. Confident once you switch them to private they will no longer work in the embed either, else it would defeat the purpose of a "private video".
  5. You would have to upload it to a tube website first, and then embed it.
  6. singter1, Rotate them until they look right before uploading, if that doesn't help: Upload them and PM the topic URL. Will fix them manually for you. Thanks, Alex
  7. Think it would bring unnecessary negativity to the forum. If you don't like it, ignore it
  8. The problem has been solved, once again thank you for the notification.
  9. tilac4u, Thanks for your notification, on the case. Thanks, Alex
  10. Silicastorm, There's no reason why you wouldn't be allowed to view the pictures with an active account. Please PM any of the moderators and moderation will take a closer look at your account. Thanks, Alex
  11. Guys, It would help if you report posts with missing pictures Thanks in advance, Alex
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