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  1. I have just spent my afternoon in my room with à ladyboy in the delta of Mekong. I can't understand those loosers who pretend it's impossible.

    1. Chyoa


      what exactly? spend day? with a ladyboy? or in a delta?

  2. Tôi đang ở vùng đất của cam xanh

  3. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Kimmy from Pattaya

    Nice to read it. Nice for the positive comment. I had no opportunity to exchange Line IDs. She would be banned each time after exchanging "hello, how are you doing ?" So, according to you, the male performer is responsible for ladyboys showing pain expressions. I'd rather believe that a micro cock wouldn't hurt, would it ?
  4. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Kimmy from Pattaya

    I had contacts with her in TF a few years ago at the time her account was deleted every day by the admin for reasons I ignore, so I didn't follow up. What I can see in this video is that she doesn't like to have a cock in her ass and she still looks shy at sucking one. I guess her promises at TF were all hot air.
  5. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    You should try to use more travel search engines till you get a reasonable price. i have just made a quick check with Skyscanner. I could get less than 500 € with Emirates in the low season and more than 1,300 € in the Xmas time. The lowest during the Xmas time is Lufthansa around 770 €.
  6. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Thailand - Vietnam - Cambodia- Thailand

    You had to pull your fingers out of your ass. ladyboys are different in SR but far from being disappointing.
  7. Pizza Gorgonzola

    HPV causing me second thoughts

    I heard recently that one can be vaccinated against HPV. If the OP has warts, he should get the warts removed (it's not pleasant, but not so painful using frozen nitrogen), then get vaccinated.
  8. Pizza Gorgonzola

    A warning to the invincibles

    I reached my quota of positive votes for today. I don't know about yeast, but it sounds serious. You should find a specialist of STDs and pay him a visit. Stop self medication and ask your doctor to help you find a specialist.
  9. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Cock blocking bitch Ladyboy on Soi buakhao

    Ladyboys have their own social medias. She probably recognized you since she had been told something about you. Why not remain discrete about this incident ?
  10. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Can Bms Warn Lbs On Forum And Other Bms Abt 'bad Man'

    This is exactly the same as contacting ladyboys in a dating site and being asked for money after a few days or a few minutes chatting. Don't send the money and needless to make a mess about it. The Vietnamese lady I had spent an evening with in a bar and asked me for too much money contacted me about 2 months after I came back. She asked "can you help me please ?". I just replied "help ?" then she apologized. I will fuck her if I meet her again. (Yes, I can be a gentleman sometimes).
  11. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Possible Hiv ?

    I have bad news for you : you're alive and everybody will die of it sooner or later.
  12. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    She looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.
  13. Pizza Gorgonzola

    How to avoid getting pick pocketed

    To bring money in your pocket. Beg for your drinks and seduce ladyboys to have them for free.
  14. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Pattaya going downhill?

    The worst I saw in Siem Reap were British tourists in Pub street being brought to the police box by officers weighing more than 200 lbs after they destroyed half of the bar. I don't care about Chinese after having seen that.
  15. Pizza Gorgonzola

    Pattaya going downhill?

    Bar business might be going down but it's not really a big deal. Pattaya still attracts ladyboys from all over the country and even Lao and Cambodia. They sometimes go to the University ad freelance in TF and many other Apps. The business is not so visible and it's probably what the police (and the administration) want. The business is evolving but remains the business. Instead of paying BF and LDs, I just order a big cup of ice cream at the restaurant and start playing with my Apps. When I go back in my hotel, I just have time to shower and Mrs Gorgonzola is knocking my door. No one knows what the last Mrs Gorgonzola in Pattaya looks like she gets connected at TF every 8 months. It's all very well like this.