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    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    I'm no expert but from a Phuket resident the verdict was beer and Thai street food cause sever runs and not the cricketing kind. He said the cart food is half cooked and exposed to automotive exhaust fumes. Next trip plan to limit the number of beers, hahaha. Eat in restaurants recommended on this forum like the retox for breakfast, ribshack in hideaway, chow soy and a few others. My second trip in 2016 Tom yam soup and beer rendered me non ops for two days and nights. 2018 street food from carts and too much beer did me in. Never had a problem with the oral or anal which is why I make the annual pilgrimage to sin city. If it's any help I wash my credentials with Bonds men's intimate wash and after the deed use iodine liquid to wash my little head.