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  1. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    All fine, Aussie. I got it, be sure! But i understood also the (little) side blow.
  2. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    No Seems you are in lack of knowing the location. It´s Koh Chang (and not Pattaya) and so i was waiting at Himmel bar (for your info: A disco on Koh Chang, Lonely beach).
  3. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Nok's massage shop - soi old Baby Boom

    A good point! Not completly sorted. Look here:
  4. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Hello, please allow me introduce myself. I am new LB to forum.

    And also good for a decdent conversation if you are NOT a bottom for her... I hope you have had a good time in Japan, Kim (Marisa)! See you next time in Nidcha again
  5. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    Maybe she has found out that 99% of the guys here in this thread (unfortunately!) will only steal her time and will never come over to Koh Chang??? 5555 And myself have been to Koh Chang recently and (shame on me!!) have been to busy with 3 other LBs to finally meet her in the 3 days i passed on the island.
  6. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    I was happy to meet 2 of ZZ staff girls yesterday night at Marine. Both made an amazing dancing show there. More (also with video) in my TR soon
  7. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    That one is stunning. I passed by yesterday night around 01.30 am after leaving Duanjai bar and she was sitting outside (as all the other ones also). She catched my eye and i maybe have to return because yesterday i have had different plans.
  8. M_i_g_u_e_l


    Yes - she is beautiful. No doubt about it. But we all have different styles of girls we like. I prefer more smaller face type
  9. M_i_g_u_e_l


    Yes - if you got her LINE you can see in the timeline a lot of those pictures, hence this "puppy face" was a reason i not dated her.
  10. M_i_g_u_e_l


    She contacted also me on TF and i'm in LINE chat with her. But was to busy until now to try her out. She quoted me the standard prices. Looks nice and writes always friendly. But: omg! So many other fishes in the sea also...
  11. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    This is "Patricia´s" classified thread. So maybe a bit off topic here. I have been to Koh Chang the last three days and will leave for Pattaya now. I will update some infos about my stay in my TR: Note: This is my (old) TR from april/may 2018. I will post the updates there. But thos updates are still NOT online now. I will do it this week.... (as soon i will have time). You will find the new infos starting on page 10. Some more, a bit older but still valid infos about Koh Chang (from april 2018) are on the start of that TR.
  12. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    I´m also on Koh Chang right now. But busy with others... :-) And Patricia didn´t have answered in this thread since weeks. So i guess she is busy or not interested anymore?
  13. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Well done. Albeit i liked to stay at Sutus Court back 10 years ago nowadays the hotel is outdated, the internet is a mess and there far better choices. Well, not bad. If somebody wants to stay at Jomtien it´s a nice option.
  14. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    LOL !!! Looks like the "BF + hustle threads" have put a wrong complexion on me I not have (and never had) problems to pay BF if the price is not exaggerated and if i take a girl during bar opening hours. Anyway: As written in my last post, i also have some other "targets" on Koh Chang. So let´s wait and see if i find time for Patricia (first i will wait for a PM of her...)
  15. M_i_g_u_e_l

    Patricia On Koh Chang

    It is so very quiet in this thread.... Is Patricia still around? I will be on Koh Chang next week If i have free time (not only Patricia is on my list....) and any BM is up for a cold one in a bar, please send a PM!