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  1. That was before. Now they charge also on the first day.
  2. One day overstay will NOT be saved in their computer system, but you will get a note in your passport and you have to pay 500.- baht. Nothing more will happen. But: If you overstay MORE THAN ONE day (2 or more) than the hustle starts.... My info is actual, because i have had 1 day overstay this month
  3. Reading all your posts i am very sure, that you are not short of funds while in LOS. So may i ask you (and this is not offending): Why do risk your life and health by sitting on the back of a motorbike-taxi in Pattaya? And still worse: With a suitcase balancing (even if it´s small).
  4. I also would like to know IF and where its (maybe) possible to buy them in LOS. I usually buy them directly in CHINA, but maybe in LOS i can get them at the same (or only little bit higher) prices.
  5. how to delete an unintentional post?? ARGL!!!
  6. I also have had to google for the "balloon knot" As far as i googled and understand it, that must have looked like that: ...but maybe Bangrock can explain it more detailed?
  7. This question is already answered in post no. 2 of this thread: Send a PM to one of the MODs!
  8. Thats a way. I usually NEVER delete my LINE and/or WhatsApp contacts after leaving LOS. And with a 2 or 3 of the girls (if i have had something special or for continued nights) i exchange sometimes messages (not a lot - one message a month, only to show that "i am alive and not have forgotten them". BUT: I don´t want to brag with it, NEVER EVER a LOS girl asked me for money while i was abroad. Not one time this happened in the last decades! And i have an explanation for this: The girls already notice while i´m in LOS that i am not a walking ATM that the can play their usual games with. Have you ever thought about the possibilty that if you are (maybe) less generous with your money in LOS they already can imagine that you will not be a victim for their "after LOS scams" while you are in your home-country?? And for that reason even less start to ask? My standard-phrase (for scams and hustle in LOS): "My religion is prohibiting this!" or " I am NOT a bank, i only pay AFTER, never upfront".
  9. Yes, it can happen, that you are drunken, left the bar and than don´t be sure if you really have paid the bill or not. But the OP quoted: " and when confronted he ran off ". For sure somebody that forgot paying will NOT ran off.
  10. Here at this webpage (that was indicated some posts before) the price is 600.- per week. This is much cheaper than 150.- a day... http://hallmarkmotorbikerentals.com/rates.htm And there is also a section about necessary driving license: http://hallmarkmotorbikerentals.com/rules.htm
  11. There is ALSO competition in LB bars if you go for the eyecandy. I´m sure if you want to BF (only to name 2 favorite examples) a LB like Lilly (TJ) or Bingo/Soda (69bar) you will have problems or need a very good timing in these period. You maybe will be fine, if you go for the mean (average) or ugly ones - but anyway: I would avoid the P4P places/scene like plaque during the time dec. 19. and jan. 15. (i also avoid it in Brazil to go out to the p4p "scene" during those days. I usually wait until the "italian bombers" have left Brazil again and have taken the "pizza-connection" back to Rome or Napoli )
  12. Yes - i know this. I not have been to Pattaya this time, but i was stopped at Patong, at Karon and one time at the "Karon view point". While in Patong on "RATUTHIT" i was lucky and on "Soi Nanai" they checked only my bike at the other locations i was forced to do a blow into those "hand held breathanalysers". Do i have to say? All times i was lucky... :Phew: But at the occasions they stopped me it was "before" i drank the first beer or i have had time enough to do some hyperventilation. And as i like to go out until dawn: At dawn they are usually never doing police-raids :Tongue Out: Yes - i bribe them. Period. I have my opinion to LD´s and BF´s (they are - at least at the moment - a sometimes necessary evil). But for police its a totally different thing: There is no way to avoid it, if you are caught in a problem with them. You bribe, or you go to moneky house (and mostly pay even more later!). In Brazil there are no LD´s and no BF´s, but corrupt police is everywhere. And as its now "zero alcohol when driving" in Brazil ("lei seca"), i always have the amount of 500.- Reais (about 135.- USD) close to my driving-license. Sometimes you can avoid the road-blocks (if you are knowing the streets) in Brazil, sometimes you can discuss with the police and sometimes you can try to NOT stop your car - but if nothing else helps the 500.- Reais mostly do it.
  13. You have to do it discreet. Mostly the test will not be done directly after they stopped you. So you should have time. If not: bad luck!
  14. Well, it depends on many factors. Not every human body is the same, and it depends how long and intense you are doing it. I for myself tested it some years ago with an alcoholic breath tester used by german police. And i could reduce it this way about 50%. But you also have to keep in mind that hyperventilation can be dangerous!
  15. Confirm: Only way is hyperventilation. But cannot confirm only 10%. It can reduce much more!
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