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  1. I had the grilled chicken breast the other evening, must say it was very well presented and cooked to perfection, highly recommended. Kind Regards Sir Malcolm Buggeridge
  2. Dale what a fantastic post extremely well explained even I could follow it, great contribution. Kind Regards Malcolm Buggeridge
  3. Bed sits dear boy only time I've ever heard the word is during some dreary northern sit com called "Rising Damp" Which coming from where you do your well aquatinted with. Just to quell any populist uprising the Buggeridge is a free marketter maximum profit landlord. Fear not my Staffordshire welfare advisor the Buggeridge has had to go international due to some over exuberant civil servents, "Bugger Income Tax" As a rumour I heard from the vast intelligence network of the "Buggeridge Ladymen" that your recent medical ailment was due to you performing some horrendous unnatural acts upon the person of Doyle Lonnergan whilst you shared a soiled sleeping bag. If this is indeed true as many of my Ladymen have attested, shame on you and also a great shame on that "Moron From Glentoran" Doyle Lonnergan. The latest news is that the vast majority of Ladymen operatives agree that "Doyle Lonnergan" looks like "Father Jack" from the award winning series on Channel 4 called Father Ted. Some have gone so far as to say that Lonnergan sits in the corner all night at 69 Bar chunterring away "Drink! Feck it" No wonder you got ill!!! Anyway due to the fact that Buggeridge is loaded I won't be flying home on a scheduled flight, I'm flying out of a private airfield 20 minutes outside of Pattaya on a Lear Jet, I'm loving it. Kind Regards Malcolm "Very Wealthy" Buggeridge
  4. Alas Fenton "The Buggeridge" is in rude health surrounded by the privileges of wealth. I however was saddened to hear of your very recent ill health whilst in LOS, I'm sure the fact that you pitched a tent in the wasteground of Soi Piss and slept in a sleeping bag in order to save your coin contributed greatly to your weakened condition. Kind Regards Malcolm "Beefy" Buggeridge
  5. What a quality post Zoon! Kind Regards Malcolm "Milton" Buggeridge
  6. Sadly Emirates have classified you as a "Northerner" flying out of an airfield north of the Watford Gap, your commerce is minimal. Book a flight out of Gatwick the gateway to the far east. Kind Regards Malcolm Sothernbeuggerer
  7. Patty does indeed have the most spectacular "Threepenny Bits" medicine can provide, can think of no where finer to have my Singapore Fried Noodles. Kind Regards Angry crotchety old pensioner Major Buggeridge.
  8. Farkin Hell!!! I can just imagine the movie, "The six million dollar Arse" How about a kidney wiper? Kind Regards Malcolm Buggeridge
  9. I always subject my Ladymen to a thorough medical before commencing hostilities!!! Regards Buggeridge
  10. I always pack a magnifying glass as part of my Health & Safety kit whilst in LOS. Kind Regards Malcolm Buggeridge
  11. Jag I Was in my local last evening having a few Light Ales with some of the old Majors here in Brexit-On-Sea, alas no "Fish Man with the baskets", but the "Salvation Army" rocked up selling copies of "War Cry" Something's never change. Regards Malcolm Buggeridge
  12. What an opportunity for an enterprising Thai to open a stall on LK Metro, after the beers the place would be packed out!!! Regards Buggeridge
  13. Forgot to mention my particular favourite, Cockels @ Whelks served with a nice dose of lemon juice and vinegar, "Lovely Jubbly" Regards Malcolm Buggeridge
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