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  1. Benjamit make a great coffee, and sell their own beans. Very busy on market days and closed on Saturdays. Really lovely people, good wifi and newspapers to read, whcpat more could you want. A Latte is 75 baht as well.
  2. You will find MB taxis meet the bus at each stop and if you have a small case and say a backpack it is not a problem. There are songtaws at the North, Central and South intersections but it may be a bit if a wait depending on time of day.
  3. GF and I spent 10 days there last year and enjoyed it. No mongering of course but the girls there are lovely. Like Duk007 said just type "tourist attractions in HCM" into google and you will get a lot of responses. We went to Halong Bay for a day trip, well worth it.
  4. On the rare occasions I have had a one day overstay there has been no charge. My understanding is that one day is not charged but for 2 days it is 1,000 baht (2 X 500)
  5. If you worry about using the posts in the UK then pity me. I had to send mine by courier from the Philippines and sweated for about 10 days till it arrived back by courier to my home. Great relief!!
  6. North road Facino is the only place I have found my Glaucoma eyedrops after a lot of searching. The one on Klang didn' carry them. 10% discount with their member card.
  7. One of the few benefits of old age is using the priority lane, no long queues for me.
  8. I always check the date stamped as in the last 7 months I have been given 30 days when I had a valid visa and the number was written on the arrival card. GF who was in front of me in the same queue got the 60 days ok.
  9. I paid $980 return with Thai 3 weeks ago. I used to pay around $500 or less with promo fares with AA GC to BKK with a 2 hour stop over in KL. Cheapest one way I had was a total of $150 with a $230 trip back.
  10. I have flown Gold coast to Bangkok via KL many times with Air Asia. Only Thai fly direct to BKK from Brisbane and often at twice the cost of AA especially when AA have a promo. AA have very good staff, friendly and helpful and I have no problem paying for a meal and coffee on the flight. A short lay over and a walk around KL is fine for me.
  11. I bought a TV box from this place last week. The young tech guy spent nearly an hour loading everything on to it and testing it out. Great service and very pleasant staff. A big range of drones, and other techy stuff, most of which I had no idea what it was for.
  12. The Philippines has an airline Cebu Pacific, a big airline there. I just booked a flight Hong kong to Clark for 1 peso per ticket (around 50 pesos to US$1) plus taxes and luggage. total cost was 1,600 baht per person. Only a 2 hour flight but a good price. They have regular sales and there Bangkok to Manila flights can be very good value.
  13. "Before book roundtrip, check price for booking separately each ways. Often, comes cheaper." Yes many low cost Airlines give you a promo fare on the outward leg but the return leg is normal price. If the outward leg is really cheap I just book it and then wait for a promo that covers the return journey, or use another airline for that.
  14. "Not much luggage. Thanks to AirAsia policy will be able to take only 7kgs. " Not so mate, when you book you can opt for 15,20, or 30 kg luggage and pay fee. You can also pay at check-in but more expensive
  15. Yeah, they will ask you for your destination and put you in the baht bus going that way, used to be 50baht but not sure now. motor bike taxi is ok but not if you have much luggage.
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