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  1. Dirtyburger

    Favourite food places

    ALL the ones I have been to were 350 baht minimum for any dish and the drink prices were ridiculous. Not a lot of hole in the wall Indian places in Pattaya. A lot of over the top, tacky dining rooms. Way cheaper than that in the US and Singapore.
  2. Dirtyburger

    Favourite food places

    Because the food is mediocre and the price is double the price you would see at superior Indian restaurants in the USA, England and Singapore. My guess is money laundering.
  3. Dirtyburger

    suvarnabhumi airport

    If you are looking to flying out at 3:30am, why are you asking if the airport is busy at 1pm. Its a poorly written post.
  4. Dirtyburger

    Commision on top of monthly fee

    Jesus, it would seem you can have your own beach house for that amount per month. Is it one of those penthouse suites with jacuzzi on the balcony and 360 ocean view?
  5. Dirtyburger


    All you guys in England getting used to using Arab airlines, does the ban on using tablets affect you as well?
  6. Dirtyburger

    Burger King on soi 8.

    Terrible news. Go to to Thailand to eat American fast food? Fucking dog food.
  7. Dirtyburger

    Bus to Chiang Mai?

    The prices with Air Asia are almost the same as train fares. Dont see the reason for trains and buses domestically for any trip longer than 300km.