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  1. Ivor

    How Risky Are BBBJs?

    Only if you're Gay.
  2. Ivor

    Visa Run Question

    Yep- I agree. the 60 day also gives you the option of extending for 30 days if you want. hassle free if you have a consulate near you and takes the pain out of worrying over dates.
  3. Ivor

    Visa Run Question

    Come in for 30 days (its not actually a Visa on Arrival that is a separate thing for specific countries). Extend at Imm for B1900 or take a trip just to see somewhere else. At present BOTH air and land crossings grant a 30 day enty. be wary of Thaigeezer threads a lot of info is second hand or out of date. Contact people who are actually in country at the time. As you can get a thirty day extension in country I would suggest not getting a 60 day tourist visa from the Embassy- that is more useful if you wanted to come in for 90 days (ie- 60 days on entry plus a 30 day extension).
  4. Ivor

    visa overstay

    You will be fine (no pun intended!) as you do not have an overstay stamp in the passport. Immigration and overstaying is a big issue with Big Joke at the moment so in the current clime I would suggest you did not overstay on your next visit.
  5. Ivor

    U-Tapao Goes big time?

    I went online the other day to book an Hkt-UTP flight in Jan 19 on AA- already full. Fortunately I had the dates wrong, the flight I needed a week later had one seat left! I'm hoping that with the success of this flight AA will put a second one one as I hate getting up early to make the return flight. Edit- they keep messing around with the CMM-UTP flight times- I've had 3 amended times so far.
  6. Ivor

    U-Tapao Goes big time?

    Highway is coming on apace at present- when you look down on it a lot of the infrastructure is already up. I reckon 18 months to 2 years max it will be up and running (probably less). Roads within and outside Utapao nearly finished being turned into dual carriageways. Plans in hand and announced for the rail links as well. Arrivals part of Utapao is nice but not sure why we are still using the old terminal for departures- makes little sense. I did notice that the air bridges had not been installed when I went through in Jan.
  7. Ivor

    Best Middle Eastern Airline?

    Because valiant men fought on whilst the US dragged its heels with isolationism, then the industrial powerhouse swung into effect. Wartime debts to other countries were wiped out but the US bled Britain dry for every penny. Both world wars lasted far longer for other nations so back in your box. The US sponsors regime change and terrorism all the time. Look at Central and South America, the Middle East (by its actions there it caused the formation of Al Queda and that went well didn't it.). Indochina didn't go that well either! Just because something is done by a governments as opposed to an individual doesn't mean its not terrorism. Back on track- as for ME airlines Qatar and Air Oman have good reps with guys I know who fly regularly.back to Europe. Although all the ME airlines fly direct to Phuket now i think i would fly up to Bangkok first and take a 380 as the smaller aircraft just aren't on a par with it. I have at most 2 trips back and will go Business Class. I think I got a 380 into Manchester from Dubai as well last time I went back but it got in by the skin of its teeth. and the wind sheer on landing was 'interesting'
  8. Ivor

    Qatar Airlines.

    New terminal is up and running now. for some strange reason its arrivals at the new terminal and departures at the old one (as of 2 weeks ago). Interesting in that there's no separation between domestic and int'l passengers in the old terminal once you go into the departure lounge. Not sure when they will close the old terminal. Air Asia have a shit load of flights going through there now. Not a lot to do with QA though!
  9. Ivor

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    So- one bad experience and a company is damned- sounds like complete over reaction to me. 3 emails- did you try calling them? Not everyone is on slappy dappy email access 24/7.
  10. Ivor

    EVA Air

    As an inbetweenee on EVA consider Elite Class- part way between Economy and Business. Made a 10 hr trip Taipei to Vancouver and 12 hour return very comfortable. Bigger seats, more legroom and less riff-raff. The only thing is that on a quiet flight the armrests between the seats can't be raised if you tried to blag a couple or more seats. Was full headed West but about half full coming back. Elite cabin had 50 seats IIRC.
  11. Ivor

    Best Business Class Flight

    Only flown BC on Emirates the once and it was great. Filipino steward in the lounge in Dubai took a liking to me and the measures of malt were huge, I just poured onto the a/c. I will have at the most two trips back to the UK, best choices from Phuket are Etihad and Emirates but but Etihad BC always looks cheaper when I compare rate. I would go into Manchester, which both fly into. I am headed to Canada next month using Eva's Premium Economy. Its a shame more airlines don't offer this service as I'm sure there's a marked for it.
  12. Ivor

    U-Tapao Goes big time?

    Spooky- is this SOON enough :Angel With Star: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/628444/new-motorway-cost-inflated-says-samart
  13. Ivor

    U-Tapao Goes big time?

    i read somewhere recently (can't remember where exactly) that the highway system is being extended soon and will link to the airport, as well as Rayong.
  14. Ivor


    You mean Thaigeezer isn't real? :Cry 2:
  15. Ivor


    UK Black Pudding is a far coarser mix than the french type. it contains pig's blood, oats chunks of belly fat and spices. A lot depends on the butcher who makes it. in the UK now it can only be made with dried blood but I have a friend here who makes it with fresh blood. it can either come in a circular shape or made in a loaf. This picture shows it before it has been fried.