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  1. brydogg

    Don Mueng Airport vs Suvarnabhumi??

    I used Grab last time I was at DMK a little over 300 to Sukumvit area
  2. brydogg

    Pattaya to Siem Reap

    Air Asia from don muang
  3. brydogg

    EVA Air

    yeah, prices are high between Memorial day and labor day in the USA, just bought ticket on EVA for mid Sept. $645 rt. usually fly Korean air but they were over a grand.
  4. brydogg

    Best Android Box

    Mostly live sports and something like Netflix.
  5. brydogg

    Best Android Box

    What would you recommend for us who are not computer savvy? I know some of us old guys are lucky we can open our email, I have True Vision which really sucks and would like to make a change, is there anything that you could just plug in and play? Thanks for any advice guys.
  6. . Most of the Chinese on Cathay Pacific were Hong Kong Chinese, much different than the mainland Chinese, one of the many reasons I don't fly airlines from the mainland, agree with Spirit, rather pay more to avoid the aggravation.
  7. Flew Cathay Pacific for $647 in September, flying Korean air for $950 from Chicago this December , some cheap prices from the Chinese airlines, but read reviews on Skytrax for some of them, makes me a little cautious about flying with them.
  8. brydogg

    China Eastern

  9. brydogg

    China Eastern

    Thanks for the advice guys, wish I read the reviews before I bought my ticket, guess I'm going to have to tough it out and hope for the best. I have a friend flying home from Bangkok today, hope he has something positive to say
  10. brydogg

    China Eastern

    Bought a non-refundable ticket for Sept $647 r/t from Chicago, been reading reviews and they're not very good, most complaints are about transiting in Shanghai, not bringing luggage,so I don't have to worry about that. I kind of wish I read the reviews first, but I'm stuck now so will make the best of it, anybody have any experiences they could share, thanks guys!
  11. brydogg

    How can i extend my free 30 days easily?

    Just did a 30 day extension today, piece of cake,need your passport plus needed a photocopy of passport page and 1 photo, which you can do next door 10 baht for copy, 50 baht per photo. They give you a paper to fill out, similar to what you fill out upon arrival, but need address and phone no. Give you a number and wait to be called, I came just before lunch ,12:00 to 13:00 and filled out my info, had lunch then came back, took me about an hour after I came back, 1900 baht, a lot easier than I thought, but maybe I came on a slow day.
  12. I was thinking of trying some next time I'm in town, I'm 61 and have no trouble getting it up, but after a while of pumping away I lose it, what would work best and how much would be good to take?