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  1. I used Grab last time I was at DMK a little over 300 to Sukumvit area
  2. yeah, prices are high between Memorial day and labor day in the USA, just bought ticket on EVA for mid Sept. $645 rt. usually fly Korean air but they were over a grand.
  3. Mostly live sports and something like Netflix.
  4. What would you recommend for us who are not computer savvy? I know some of us old guys are lucky we can open our email, I have True Vision which really sucks and would like to make a change, is there anything that you could just plug in and play? Thanks for any advice guys.
  5. . Most of the Chinese on Cathay Pacific were Hong Kong Chinese, much different than the mainland Chinese, one of the many reasons I don't fly airlines from the mainland, agree with Spirit, rather pay more to avoid the aggravation.
  6. Flew Cathay Pacific for $647 in September, flying Korean air for $950 from Chicago this December , some cheap prices from the Chinese airlines, but read reviews on Skytrax for some of them, makes me a little cautious about flying with them.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, wish I read the reviews before I bought my ticket, guess I'm going to have to tough it out and hope for the best. I have a friend flying home from Bangkok today, hope he has something positive to say
  8. Bought a non-refundable ticket for Sept $647 r/t from Chicago, been reading reviews and they're not very good, most complaints are about transiting in Shanghai, not bringing luggage,so I don't have to worry about that. I kind of wish I read the reviews first, but I'm stuck now so will make the best of it, anybody have any experiences they could share, thanks guys!
  9. Just did a 30 day extension today, piece of cake,need your passport plus needed a photocopy of passport page and 1 photo, which you can do next door 10 baht for copy, 50 baht per photo. They give you a paper to fill out, similar to what you fill out upon arrival, but need address and phone no. Give you a number and wait to be called, I came just before lunch ,12:00 to 13:00 and filled out my info, had lunch then came back, took me about an hour after I came back, 1900 baht, a lot easier than I thought, but maybe I came on a slow day.
  10. I was thinking of trying some next time I'm in town, I'm 61 and have no trouble getting it up, but after a while of pumping away I lose it, what would work best and how much would be good to take?
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