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  1. kingslayer

    Nok's massage shop - soi old Baby Boom

    Hopefully some of Noks friends can pass along that her pricing strategy is losing her business. She's nice but not a spring chicken any more.
  2. kingslayer

    ZAZA 2 MASSAGE , Soi Chaiyapoon Pattaya.

    Good to see some more ladies. I tell you if you can get more ladies who will be up for threesomes with the LBs you will have a lock on that segment of guys who are looking for that.
  3. kingslayer

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    Totally get it. At least it's on the table. Been searching and had some luck, but found most soi 6 girls weren't interested in playing with a LB. And there aren't many mixed bars where this could happen. I will definitely try my luck here at Zaza. I visited Sammi before but didn't think to even try a GG LB threesome. I will soon.
  4. kingslayer

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    Do most GG also go with the LBs in Zaza and if yes, will they interact with each other? If that happens brother, your shop is going to get a shit ton busier very soon. That Lin and another LB sounds mighty delicious.
  5. kingslayer

    Ladyboy Interview

    She's a stunner. I love those light skinned feminine LBs. Can't wait for the interview.
  6. kingslayer

    Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

    They all want customers? Why you trying to make friends in Pattaya? Lol
  7. kingslayer

    Xiaomi phones

    They are the 3rd or 4th largest phone seller globally I believe, and getting bigger. Still haven't made their way to the US, but they are expanding aggressively in Asia, India and Europe. Thx for the heads-up!
  8. kingslayer

    Dental Dam

    Not sure but I suppose you could always go to a dentist office and they should be able to sell them to you?
  9. kingslayer

    The 5Th Capital Vice...

    Yes I've had some say that as well. I thought it was good. Very unique in my opinion and a dining experience I haven't found elsewhere so was worth it for me, to do it once.
  10. kingslayer

    The 5Th Capital Vice...

    Gaggan was different, but good. If you are a foodie I'm sure you will enjoy it. I don't usually do much fine dining in LOS, but that was an exception. Hopefully others will provide more suggestions. I'd be curious what Pattaya has to offer that would be even remotely up to par with capital standards.
  11. kingslayer

    Zaza massage shop, Soi Chayapoom

    Wow I'm smitten with Janey also!
  12. kingslayer

    Where I Can Find Stricltly And Dominant Lb

    Haven't found a true Dom, LB or GG, experience in Thailand. Castle was a big disappointment and when I tried places in BKK it was more of a half Dom experience, but nothing compared to USA or Europe. Yes they can flog you and use strapons but it just wasn't the same, very much watered down. I did have one who was very good at tease and denial but that was about it. I will have to give Liza a try. That pic of her tools and all that Kamagra has got me curious.
  13. kingslayer

    Nookkei: Horniest ladyboy in Pattaya

    That and something else. She looks much different, I'm also suspecting some work (both from the phone and maybe a talented doctor?)
  14. Any cloud-based service would throw safety out the window in my opinion. Yes they say your privacy is protected, but let's be honest, only a matter of time before AWS, Google, Microsoft get hacked. External HD or stick is the best option.
  15. kingslayer

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    Are most of these girls post-op?