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  1. kingslayer

    Hiv Test

    I went to Pattaya Memorial. 1500 I think and about an hour for the results? It was pretty fast to get seen.
  2. They are the 3rd or 4th largest phone seller globally I believe, and getting bigger. Still haven't made their way to the US, but they are expanding aggressively in Asia, India and Europe. Thx for the heads-up!
  3. Not sure but I suppose you could always go to a dentist office and they should be able to sell them to you?
  4. Yes I've had some say that as well. I thought it was good. Very unique in my opinion and a dining experience I haven't found elsewhere so was worth it for me, to do it once.
  5. Gaggan was different, but good. If you are a foodie I'm sure you will enjoy it. I don't usually do much fine dining in LOS, but that was an exception. Hopefully others will provide more suggestions. I'd be curious what Pattaya has to offer that would be even remotely up to par with capital standards.
  6. Any cloud-based service would throw safety out the window in my opinion. Yes they say your privacy is protected, but let's be honest, only a matter of time before AWS, Google, Microsoft get hacked. External HD or stick is the best option.
  7. I loved HTC too but sadly they are basically done. Sold their phone business to Google and now just working their way through the existing product pipeline. I doubt they will be in the phone biz for much longer.
  8. Looks good but not a massive improvement over the S8. I've got the S8 and an Essential PH-1 now, so will likely wait for Note 9 or S10.
  9. Would love more direct flights from the West Coast but I don't see it happening. Don't think the demand is there. Whenever I transfer in Seoul or Taipei to my BKK leg I never feel like it's more than a third of my flight. Everyone else is usually Vietnamese or Filipino going home.
  10. Not a bad price for a Samsung phone. However those Chinese makers like Opportunity and Vivo are catching up quick. Too bad you missed out on the refund. But guess 400 isn't that much. That was a pretty short trip eh?
  11. T-Mobile is a great recommendation.
  12. Anyone tried those hot places on the left side of Tree town? Menus mostly in Thai but had some broken English description. Seems to be mostly Thais eating there. Looked and smelled good but I was a bit hesitant to walk in myself.
  13. Just took Mr. T again for like the 10th time in a row. Price has stayed steady at 1000 for many years and his driver's have always been reliable for me from Swampy and back for return trips.
  14. Yes dual SIM phones are pretty common in Asia. I think you should be eligible for VAT tax refund. I looked at the Razer phone, but I think the poor camera is the deal breaker for me. I'm pretty sure it's going to drop in price pretty quickly, selling phones is tough if you aren't Apple or Samsung.
  15. Can anyone recommend a good clinic to get tested at? Nothing fancy, not looking for the Bumrungrad of Pattaya but definitively should be reliable. Thx.
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