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  1. thanks for that, i will visit julia in march, look forward to it,are both massage shops on the same soi,or how can i contact julia for a massage?

    thanks in advance, iron

  2. iron

    Fuck Ann's Taxi Service

    i used toms taxi service recently, found them good and reliable. 1000 baht each way, airport pattaya/return.
  3. iron

    Best Fish & Chips

    is friday still open in new plaza, the owner had it for sale recently ?
  4. iron


    many thanks for the replies,'i will look for a better flight connection,cheers.
  5. looking at emirates for my next trip, does anyone know if (1hour 20 mins) is enough time for a connecting flight in dubai,flying in from bkk,then onwards to dublin,seems a little tight time wise,any input would be appreciated, as i have never been in dubai airport.
  6. iron

    How to avoid getting pick pocketed

    i have a zipped pocket the inside my shorts, works a treat.
  7. any info on tomtaxiservice I've heard good reports.thanks in advance.
  8. iron

    Best Fish & Chips

    i ate at fryday last trip,very enjoyable,fresh cod,very nice and cooked to order,so its about a 10 min wait,but worth it.
  9. iron

    British Airways

    used ba on my last flight,no problems either way,price from dublin return was really cheap,will use them again soon i hope.
  10. iron

    Taxis From Airport To Pattaya

    used meow taxis last trip,1k each way no problems,(airport pattaya return) meowponchai@gmail.com Phone number is 085-9344475
  11. iron

    Mosaik Apartments?

    just stayed in the MOSAIK APPARTMENTS for two weeks,best i stayed in to date,(12 nights in total)stayed in the main building,i bed deluxe,mattress was the only problem, (rock hard)but when i told them of this,it was immediately upgraded to a softer one, location was perfect for me,complete privacy,no walk of shame,(if thats a problem for you), price,1100 baht plus 1800 for cleaning,electric,water,etc,would highly recommend,any more info required,feel free to ask.
  12. iron

    arab young man and old fat man

    its a lesson learned,i never engage with strangers like this,i just hope this warning is heeded.
  13. iron

    Airport Taxi

    always use ,PT TAXI ,you will be met at gate 3,driver will have your name showing,good service,
  14. iron

    Jasmine Hotel, Soi Bj

    stayed there a couple of years back,very basic and cheap,very L/B friendly,no problem with guests,LITAS BAR was open at the time,very handy indeed, tiled floor,basic shower/bathroom,clean, 650 bht i think,a night.
  15. iron

    Info Required

    Le Petrus Pattaya - Guesthouse and Restaurant,on soi13/1 anybody have any info please.