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  1. I have been lucky there , no poisoning but did have the squirty bums but these pill stopped it with in 20 minutes and I was back to it but I did feel ok. Same me about the hospital stay , I never had to do it here at home
  2. There is nothing stopping them from going to Thailand and getting off on a " hard "working Thai man or ladyboy
  3. Food poisoning is the same in every country, 3 people can eat the same food and 1 can be affected ,it's very strange how that works or the hole crowd can come down with a dose of the squirty bums.
  4. I have booked with scoot for the end of April > Gold Coast ( Australia) to Swampy and return through DMK $419 But I will get insurance as I may have to cancel.
  5. This is the latest pic from " flightaware.com " . eight planes , so there is some air traffic .
  6. He is real , he is a good mate of mine and we chat most days on Line . He is yet to dabble in the ladyboy world but is very keen , so any help to him would be great
  7. I was just chatting to my mate Imran ( a BM on here ) and he said its likely to be back to normal by midday so local media have said.
  8. I think its the first time I have seen Swampy crowded with no Chinese in the mix
  9. The air space sure is empty over Pakistan . I will ask my mate Imran on the forum
  10. From flightaware.com . Its a live flight tracking website.....very cool.
  11. Can you send a link please , I can't find anything about it. Any reason why the flights are stopped
  12. I am not a Scientist but . I think it's a combination of bad sleeping patterns, meeting lots of traveler's visiting bars coming from all over the world, very much like how a lot of us pick some sort of bug on a plane and then in and out of AC , it all catches up with you in the end
  13. I am always looking for the cheapest flights so most of the time I fly scoot or air Asia from Australia
  14. the things some people take photos of ...its just as bad as taking a pic of food your about to eat and post it on facebook.
  15. having a padlock is a waste of time for the real crooks ( the sound is a bit funky )
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