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  1. I have turned all my notifications off for email things so nothing through to there. When trying set up an account for my mate ,he didn't get any through on his gmail but that account is now closed ..... No biggie. Obviously a glitch somewhere, at least we can all post so no problem.
  2. good luck mate and hope to see you on the ground soon . Most new members post the 3 or so comments first up and then you are in but please make your comments respectful or you will never get out of the starting gate . Who knows , you may even become an advanced member down the track.
  3. Just make ( I think its 3 posts ) a comment on the thread you can see and then you will have access to most of the threads . Its how we all started on here .
  4. thanks for that, i will visit julia in march, look forward to it,are both massage shops on the same soi,or how can i contact julia for a massage?

    thanks in advance, iron

  5. SP - I look forward to my trip in a few weeks. And I especially look forward to meeting Sammy!! She is stunning. Does she usually work in Zaza 1 or 2??

  6. I tried calling Dao in Zaza massage a few times,and also sent a message asking for a Line addy or something. 

    No answer so far....

    I don't have an exact date for my next trip yet, depends on how summer evolves here.

    But it won't be long, so I would like some info on the current staff, and possibly also some of the hotties working there earlier if doable...

     Some recent pictures of those not too shy would also be nice.

    How many GG's and how many ladyboys do you currently have there?

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