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  1. andycoys

    Bb Massage, Soi Buakhao

    Obviously got his wants and won’t in the wrong order. Coriban may I suggest next time you want LB massage you pop into Zaza in Soi Chayapoon literally around the corner from BB massage, I recently ventured again in there and shamefully I’ve forgotten the girls name but the massage was relaxing and the end bit was......happy....and all for 1000 baht plus 200. The girl had her name tattooed on her arm, but the life of me I just cannot remember.
  2. andycoys

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Looks a bit like Rafa Benitez!
  3. andycoys

    UPS Syndome help needed

    Thanks kathoeyfan for the info, I bit the bullet and had one fitted in, I’ll put the WiFi router into it as well, forever having power cuts on the dark side, thanks again.
  4. Hi looking for advice, I’ve been advised to purchase an UPS Syndome, my knowledge of such a device is limited and looking to justify the outlay for this box. in my home I have CCTV and the guy in Tutcom recommended that I get one as they as backup. Any advice anyone has would be appreciated as all the jargon I get on the web is all in Thai.
  5. andycoys

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    You like the Bee Gees you’re love this!
  6. andycoys

    British Airways V Thai Airways..

    Thai get my vote, especially as they’ve got the A380 on the day flight from LHR and overnight from BKK.
  7. andycoys

    Qatar Airlines.

    Latest advert from Qatar Experience the skies like never before with flights from Cardiff, starting today, 1 May 2018, to over 150 places worldwide, via Doha. Luxurious and spacious seating, renowned service and up to 4,000 in-flight entertainment options await, on board one of the youngest fleets in the sky. Enjoy our special launch fares to our top destinations until 15 May 2018. Bangkok from £389 https://www.qatarairways.com/en-gb/fly-from-cardiff.html?cid=EMGB242680
  8. andycoys

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    Just returned to Pattaya, and a big thumbs up for Nam’s Taxi service who picked me up again at Bangkok even though It was an early morning arrival was greeted by door 3 And safely back at home. Highly recommend Alan.
  9. andycoys

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    We’ve all got a favourite websites for picking up flights to Asia, mine personally was Kayak for prices and Netflights for booking with prices on both sites comparable, plus Netflights confirmed tickets within minutes of completion via email. Now I’m using a direct contact from an agency in London for a return to Bangkok with Thai Airways from April 24th - March 16th (2019) for £700 this price also gives me 75% on my orchid card and booking preferred seats upstairs in a 2-4-2 configuration, I’m saving about £30 by using her which will be my taxi from Bkk to my home in Nongprue. Having worked in the travel industry years ago, I’m also aware that some bucket shops may not be ATOL approved and that sometimes they quote a price with no air tax included, with ATOL not approved if that agency goes bust so does your ticket, but that does seem to be a thing of the past! Happy fare hunter guys, to me that’s part of the journey checking fares and always looking for that special fare that’s out there.
  10. andycoys

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    Thai Airways A380 is usually operating the day flight out from LHR 12.30 and overnight in, but currently this has been reversed with night out day in. I am assured by Thai Airways this will change next week as I’m already booked on 25th April on the A380 with my preferred seat booked upstairs.
  11. andycoys

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    EVA are offering the same journey for £496.
  12. andycoys

    Qatar Airlines.

    Picked up this email from Qatar Airways and I’ve tweaked their email a bit. Qatar now goes twice daily from Gatwick Airport starting 22 May 2018, in addition to six daily flights from Heathrow Airport in London. Award-winning service, comfortable seats and up to 4,000 in-flight entertainment options await Gatwick customers onboard our state-of-the-art Boeing 787 Dreamliner. You now have even more choice when travelling from London and the south of England to your favourite destinations in our expanding network. https://www.qatarairways.com/en-gb/offers/fly-from-london-gatwick.html?cid=EMGB751020
  13. andycoys

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    Which includes tolls on the highway
  14. andycoys

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    1,200 baht from Airport to Pattaya.
  15. andycoys

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?