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  1. eBanking is safe. You use a secure (encrypted) transport layer protocol. No-one can read the message. But everybody can know whom you are talking to.
  2. Apple encrypted containers (if you have one). You need a password to mount them. If anyone asks I would simply claim I forgot the password (happens to me all the time anyhow).
  3. A lot of porn sites fork a new browser tab with advertising when I click on the vdo controls, for example this one. It's quite annoying. Is there a tool that can stops this spam?
  4. I usually use Meow 085-9344475. Great, comfortable cars, always waiting 5 min before (no matter what time), drivers don't chat you up, reasonable man and women with a priority to care for their families. Never take taxis, too many strange characters that might drive like crazy. And cars with plastic seats. I'd rather go by bus. Used Nam once. As reliable as Meow but her car is 200 more expensive than Meow.
  5. I buy in Soi Buakhao and always in Pharmacy. I think the stuff is genuine but I pay 80 per package (Kamagra Gel). I will be more cautious in the future but beide of buying in a "proper" location I would not know what else to do.
  6. The problem is this logic: Take PrEP, and finish each trip to Thailand with a Zithro pack, and you should be crud free. I'll still use condoms with rear door entry, but the peace of mind from this Truvada, fantastic. Bacteria are smart animals. Evolution took the dumb ones out already millions of years ago. So they will learn to deal with that Zithro pack. Their research department already launched the final trials. And thety get more and more volunteers to take part So lets see what will descend upon us next..
  7. My appreciation to the webmasters that they keep this forum a safe playground for the trolls that are around. What actually worries me more is the advance in face recognition software. Wherever you walk today you look into the lens of a handy. One 10 min stroll down WS and I feature on 50 Chinese videos. No idea were these videos go but a good deal will end up in the cloud. No big deal today because they become just one of the zillions other video clips and photos on the global digital trash dump. None finds your face there. However, with advancement of face recognition software in a couple of years it might be possible to search for a face the same way we search today for a name: enter a picture and 5 seconds later you get all pictures to that face that ever have been taken. Available to everyone and for all eternity.
  8. Actually, thats my question: how long prior to exposure and post exposure do you have to take the pills? In other words, for a short holidays of two to three weeks, is this feasible?
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