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  1. Hehe...touchy boy aren't you And you want to become a seller ? I wish you luck but if i were a potential buyer i, after reading your last reply, would know from whom i would NOT buy my iptv Very customer-minded aren't you ?
  2. No ......my mistake, when I bought them(both together), was that I listened to people like you......people who want to make money by selling these boxes. THAT I will never ever do again. I, and with my Nvidia I just did that., read all I could find about it; asked buyers in the user forums about it....BEFORE I bought it. Should have done that with my Minix-boxes too....but that I did not and THAT was a mistake i paid for. And because of that I warn people for this specific brand. Of course you can recommend them.....but I just do the opposite.....I will tell people...not to buy Minix and I tell them why I think they should avoid Minix at all cost. Why ?....Because what I have experienced with Minix, and read the Minix and Kodi forums if you still believe I am the only one is that is not happy with Minix, is that this is a company with absolutely no after-sale customer-service...they made the bloody things...they put the old chip in it. They also promoted the *H-plus as a top 4K box...does it do that ...NO.....it did not when it came out and it certainly doesn't do it now. Again a Minix-joke...but a joke customers, in good trust, paid a high price for. You call Nvidia (and I am not a Nividia seller but yes I am a Nividia fan) overpriced...ok...then tell me why you think so. Name me another brand with a box: - that can play all 4K -files and that also supports even Netflix, Amazon and Youtube all in 4K - that works on Android Nougat and therefore can handle Kodi 17.1 and so is future-proof - that gives free updates to its older models to make them identical to their current models. - that plays nearly all type of files without any audio or video problems. (Yes yes I know it not plays 3D iso and not gives blu ray menu's but for that...and ONLY....for that I use my Egreat A5) Difficult ...yes I think so......you call a device that can do all that overpriced...I call it quality......Only problem is.......you, as a potential seller, can not make any money on it as you are not allowed to sell it. So why promote it.....no better promote a company that gives you, the seller, one guarantee namely that within two years the buyer of a Minix must come back to you if he wants to stay up to date. For you it is much better that you keep telling....."people people not listen to that fool Marty14.....buy Minix because it is great....". Minix in my opinion is a shit company and I will keep saying that. People who still want to buy a Minix....i tell them...ok go ahead and learn it the hard way. Should everyone buy a Nvidia..?..no absolutely not... There are much cheaper boxes on the market sure and for most people they will do....but they are also much much cheaper then a Minix ...see and that is my point.....Minix asks a high price for a product that absolutely not delivers what they claim it would do. You call a box that is 2,5 years on the market old?...yes if I were a seller I would do the same.....suits you doesn't it ? Come on......i still use my Ipad2 and although that is more then 5 years old... it still gets it updates...THAT is how it should be. Same goes for my S6-Edge made by Samsung....Android update Nougat just released.... Just a few examples for you that fortunately not all companies forget their "old" products the same way Minix does.
  3. Haha At the moment I even not have to look on any forum....the two dutch iptv-apps I have installed in Kodi do that for me.......if f.I I want Ziggo Sport. i type that into the search function of the Kodi-app and all the working links are displayed(even marked SD or HD). Same goes for Sky Germany...or whatever.... it is free...AND......IT WORKS. Pay to look tv....never. ....".Minix 8H plus old chip"......"Minix Z64.....too weak"......these are your words and i agree.....these two boxes stink....and both are Minix. So I really not understand why you still recommend that brand..... two different models and both, if I read your words correctly, are within a rather short time after they were released, too say it mildly, with faults. So why you still say Minix is so great?...Goes beyond me or are my previous comments perhaps hurting your coming business-intentions ? No comment on the Nvidia ? No I think not...why....because that one works my friend and, for the near future it will keep working. That their recent update-history proves. One thing not so good....Nvidia not allows all kind of shabby dealers to sell their products.....in Holland where I bought it only Coolblue (big reseller) can sell it. In Germany Amazon.de has the rights. I....and it is only my opinion.....will never ever again buy anything with the name Minix on it. Got burnt twice by the same brand because I listened too much to people like you as they kept repeating everywhere that the stuff they were selling or planning to sell was so great and that there was and will never be anything better. You get what you pay for......that is what I learnt out of it.......so my advice is......not listen to the blah blah of people who want to make money with these things but ask fellow users and then decide. I got the Nvidia Shield in Holland with the possibility that, if not satisfied, I could bring it back within 2 months...well I still got it and i am really happy with it every day I use it. It is expensive ...yes..... but it works and without any hassle. Plug it in , put Kodi on and...you are ready to go. ....for now and for the near future. (and that is something which I can not say about Minix).
  4. Sorry to disagree...but at the moment I lam looking at the Grand prix in Russia.....free...no need to pay.....in HD; only one should know where to look Ziggo Sport is the Dutch channel .......RTL and SKY are the German ones. In Thailand I look at all Dutch; Belgian and German channels as well as the BBC channels (incl the German and the Dutch sport channels) free Sometimes the provider changes and one has to look/read the forums to find another one that works but pay...oh no Pay for a good internet connection (I have 3 different lines so i can look tv on f.i my 3BB line; use my computer on TOT and my family can use the third Truemove-line for their facebook etc. 3 different providers so always a signal...if one goes down or runs slow I just reconnect to another. I have a Minix 8H plus and Minix Z64(window version) and both now suck. These were expensive boxes when I bought them (less then 2 years ago)but Minix is a firm that just not cares .....update to Android 5 oh no..just "forces" its customers to buy a new one. And the 4k playback on a Minix is......well I say it mildly......very very limited In my previous posts I recommended the Nvidia Shield, They update (their old 2015/2016 version of the Shield got the same update for free as their new model and all their boxes now are Android 7) and their 4K playback is perfect. It plays all the 4K-files I feed it. It even plays Netflix and Amazon in 4k. A thing Amazons own fire-stick can not do. And after I bought the Nvidia last January I gladly and without any regret since transferred the 2 Minix boxes towards my 10 year old sons room. So beware of Minix is all I can say. I learned it the hard way.
  5. Not completely true I am in Holland now....yes the country where these f...ckers from BREIN try to rule. BREIN is the organisation that went to the European court to get the PRE-INSTALLED boxes banned and unfortunately they got the yes..only they were send back to a Holland court by the European Court as a Judge from the country from where the parties com from has to make a final decision. But if you read the EU Courts decision carefully you will see that only pre-installed boxes will be banned and NOT directly.... So to say that KOdi's days will be over soon is...well..... not completely true but I agree........and I am not a seller of these boxes......it will be more difficult to find a good working box with pre-installed Kodi-addons in Europe. Kodi is an app that you put on your box and it keeps working.....blocking the app itself has no use as it is on your box. What perhaps will happen is that updating the app will be blocked. That is why I bought myself 2 new boxes (with an extra spare Nvidia in reserve) that for the near future will be up to date. I mostly use Kodi to play my own files (stocked on my harddiscs/NAT) and even my old box with Kodi 13 still plays them.... What one has can not be blocked......
  6. For now what you say is true only....... within a year the Members with boxes that can not be update to Kodi 17.1 will get troubles...........if you use f.i. now the old Kodi version Isengard and not 17.1 or the previous 16.1 (the last one that will work on android 4 too) you already will see that some apps not work anymore....updating will fail because you not have 16.1 or higher. Exodus or phoenix for now will work but already some only work on 17.a I give you one example to prove it......try to use ARD Mediathek on 16.1.....the version you get there is app 3.0.3 but that one not works. In 17.1 you get version 5.0 for that app and it works perfect so many of you would say ok put version 5.0 on 16.1 but....that can not be done.......so if you want working ARD Mediathek you need 17.1 Just an example I know but as time will move on the more kodi app's will progress to 17.1 only So if you are into getting a new box buy one that at least is Android 5.1.1 but better will be 6 or 7 Version 7 Himedia boxes and Nvidia Shield Tv(i.m.o the best allround) Version 6 ZidooX10 new boxcoming in about 1 month Version 5 Egreat A5 and A10 (the ones play Full 3D Iso files and all with full bluray Menus)
  7. I have a Minix 8h plus and it used to be great in combination with Kodi. But now kodi changed to software version 17.1 and as Minix will not update their boxes i am getting more and more problems with apps no longer working. It works on android 4 and that can not run kodi 17.1 So if you buy one be sure to buy a box running on android 5 or higher. Android 7 is the best otherwise within a year from now you will use many apps. I am now in Europe so i bought me a Nvidia Shield tvbox(runs on android7) and an Egreat A5 (plays files with full bluray menu and 3diso files) and especially the Shield is fast and works near perfect. The shield is around 230 Euro here but i am not sure if it is available in Thailand. I come to Europe about every 3/4 months and every time have a list of stuff i will bring with me the next time i go back to Thailand The only thing i bought in thailand was my tv.....the rest i will buy in Europe as most Thaistuff has, understandable of course, the Thai buyer in mind.
  8. I made myself a promiss some years ago: avoid the US at all costs......one more reason to keep this promiss.
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