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  1. Herpes wont ruing your sex life, lol. You know most carriers are never even diagnosed right?Many people rarely or never have outbreaks. Obviously there are atypical cases, but that is not normal. HIV is 10,000 worse than Herpes. Bacteria resistant anything is scary but at this moment not as scary as HIV. Do use condoms though.
  2. And I appreciate the candor of yourself and other HIV+ BM's who contribute. It helped motivate me to use PREP. Though I use PREP specifically for sucking off LB's.
  3. Sure always wear a condom. I personally always use condoms and, while in Thailand, PREP due to sex with likely HIV partners.
  4. And you got it after countless sex acts with a high risk population. I stand by what I said. HIV is extremely hard to get through heterosexual sex for a male in most parts of the world. It can happen but it's certainly not easy to catch.
  5. It doesn't happen easily. It's theoretically possible, and most likely does happen, but it's rare outside of Africa. If it were "easy" HIV would have torn through the heterosexual population like it did the gay population in many places outside Africa. It didn't. Consider this. There are almost ZERO known cases of a pro athlete in the US getting HIV who was not known to be (1) Gay/Bi, (2) An IV drug user (3) a recipient of a blood transfusion. The same goes for actors and musicians. There isn't even a male porn performer known to get HIV through heterosexual sex. If there are please cite a few. I like to learn. Magic Johnson was most likely gay/bi, but even if he wasn't (he was), he's the only major pro ball player I can think of to catch HIV during his playing career (notwithstanding gay/IVDU/BT). I guess those guys have all been wrapping it up for the past 40 years? They insisted upon HIV tests from those women they had out of wedlock kids with? Lol.
  6. p Of course it's possible. It's possible to die of a cold too. Very possible. It's just rare outside Africa. And extremely, extremely, rare after a single encounter with a GG.
  7. No it's actually scientifically true. You don't know what you're talking about.
  8. With a GG you are in little danger. Take reasonable precautions sure. But skin is a reliable barrier against HIV if you are with a GG.
  9. Are you talking about yourself? Since you quite obviously know nothing.
  10. I dont even know what you want to change. You are making no sense. Most people are infected with herpes type 1 herpes, strep, and mono in childhood. Are you against nursery schools, high schools, hostels, and co-ed universities? Your premise that mongering makes any difference in the global spread or worsening of any of these diseases doesn’t seem to be based on any facts. Regarding HIV, I used truvada and condoms when I was in LOS. Perhaps if you explained what you want to see changed we could get somewhere.
  11. Rethink what? Diseases will get more virulent and dangerous regardless of what the relatively small number of mongers do. It’s nature.
  12. Oh Landmark you mean? I figured I got it from 1 of a dozen or so LB’s. No big surprise. I actually had no noticeable symptoms from the strep. It was all viral. I never got much of a sore throat, just a painful lymph node.
  13. The strep throat showed up on a swab. Ive had it twice before, probably from prostitutes all 3 times. I did a cycle of antibiotics but didnt get better so then I did the mono. The mono showed up on a blood test. I did a lab test for mono and all the standard STD’s.
  14. Honestly I dont know what a LK hotel is. I stayed at Nana and Cozy at 10 in Bkk and Baku in Pattaya.
  15. A few weeks after my trip to Thailand last Nov I developed flu like symptoms and swollen lymph nodes. Hot and cold flashes. Disrupted sleep. The doctor I saw immediately suspected HIV and ordered an STD battery. I didnt tell her I had been on truvada and been to thailand.I know, dumb, but I couldnt bring myself to volunteer that info. Turned out I had mono and strep throat. Though I was with a gg subsequent to the trip, so I could have got it from her. I had been on truvada, taken regularly for a month before the trip until a few weeks after. If I hadnt done that I would have been scared shitless.
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