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  1. Keep looking on Priceline.com. You can find really good deals here. I just booked a one way from Swampy to U.S.A. for $410 USD/£321.27. in December. I've flown round trip from U.S.A to Swampy recently for as low as $748 USD/£586.11. I suggest just fucking around on Priceline.com with different dates and seeing what you can get. It's always worth a shot.
  2. No problem Knobby! I learned most of this from a thread on Thaivisa.com. Google your question with thaivisa.com in your Query and you should find some great results. I'll try to find that thread I used. It was just one month ago. All the posters on that forum did a much better and more complete job of explaining it than I could do. Feel free to PM me if you are having difficulty finding the info you need. From what I remember you can pay for your additional 30 days at many of the immigration offices in Thailand. So you could even do it in Pattaya according to what I read online. I did mine in Bangkok. It took up most of my day including the commute, but I used public transport, so if you take a cab and get there early before the rush, I've heard it goes pretty quick.
  3. You're return ticket doesn't have to show that you are leaving in 30 days. That isn't accurate. My return ticket was set for almost 5 months from the day I entered Thailand. Just be prepared to explain your plans, if asked. At Thai immigration, no one questioned me regarding that. In Tokyo they called me to the desk and just wanted to make sure I was aware of Thailand's visa laws. I explained my plans and everything was cool.
  4. Basically your visa on arrival which is free right now is a 60 day visa if you are willing to go to immigration within 30 days, spend a little time and pay 1900 baht. At the end of the second 30 days you need to leave the country and to get another 30 day visa on arrival you need to FLY into Thailand. Sorry for repeating myself. Just trying to make it clear and help you out.
  5. If you do a border run by land, you only get 14 or 15 days, I forget which. I just did a visa run to Cambodia, so I took a bus to Siem Reap, checked out Angkor Wat and partied in Temple Town for 10 days, then flew back Air Asia into Bangkok to get my 30 day visa.
  6. When you fly in, you get a 'Visa on Arrival'. At 30 days and preferably a few days before, go to immigration and pay 1900 baht to get a 30 day extension. If you come into Thailand by Air, not by a land border, you get 30 days, plus the option to extend 30 days by paying 1900 baht at an immigration office.
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