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  1. Heading up to the airport, it was great meeting with new friends and to catch up with the friends around Pattaya. See you at November

  2. I was thinking the same about the inventory but this time I got myself a bit constrained so I can not go with the flow. Thank you for the response though Regards
  3. Thank you very much Kendo and Soi6er for the info
  4. My laptop has died recently, I am ok using iPad/desktop at the moment but definitely will be needing a laptop for travel purposes. Since, I’m planning to be in Pattaya early November thinking about getting one there as it will also save me few hundred dollars as well. Question is, I have no idea about the keyboard layout. Do they come with standard European/US keyboard or one needs to order it specially. I will appreciate if anyone has any experience or info regarding this issue. Thanks
  5. Apparently, there was a party @ Famous tonight. Cowgirl themed

    1. wolf20991


      Had a nice threesome at Famous....Swung by Nong Bar to have a nightcap before I crash. Saw Rose there, looking might fine. Very sorry to have no powah...

  6. I guess this is the answer why I have no problem. I've installed an application called AdBlock Plus to my browsers awhile ago...
  7. That is a solid machine. I usually upgrade to a new laptop every 3-4 years because of power issues but Apple makes really strong machines. All my laptops still do work flawless.
  8. Yeah. I'm using the same version. Don't have a clue why this is happening to you. Maybe someone with a deeper knowledge can help.
  9. I am not certain if this helps but I am using the latest version of Firefox on a mac. A new version of Firefox relesad about a week ago. Maybe it is a bug with your browser. Are you getting the same warning with a different browser? Wolf
  10. I've tried it with both Firefox and Chrome once I see your post. No problem on my part...
  11. Expected movie of the year dropped on torrent forum. Check out of you are interested:http://cheggit.net/torrents.php?torrentid=262028

    1. wolf20991
    2. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      started to watch last night - Jen has gone up a LOT in my estimation

  12. I've tried Beefeater at Soi Diana on my recent trip and pleasantly surprised by the quality of the place along with the food.
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