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  1. Hey Devman I read the same thread, and bought a bottle of 100 pills for 280 baht from Fascino pharmacy on North Pattaya Road; I started taking 3 pills per day 5 days ago. No effect so far, but it is early days yet. One thing I was worried about was that they might make it difficult for me to sleep, as that was a reported side effect I read. However, this has not been the case. I'll continue until the bottle runs out (33 days) and consider then whether to continue or not. If I notice any positive results I'll update here Cheers
  2. Greetings All So I dropped into Lifecare Laboratory Pattaya yesterday to ask about their testosterone testing, and got some confusing information I am hoping BMs can assist me with. From the flyer they provided me, LLP offer three separate tests as follows; - Testosterone [sex Hormone]: 500B - Free Testosterone: 3,000B - SHBG: 2,000B The I asked the receptionist what tests / results were included in the basic 500B testosterone test, she was unable to help, but called out a gentleman in a white lab coat who I assumed to be a doctor or technician of some sort. Again, he couldn’t give me much information. When I asked if the basic test only included total testosterone, he was non-responsive. I challenged that testing without total, free and SHBG was not much use, and he mumbled something to the effect that the basic test results would indicate if free and SHBG testing was required. Sounded like BS to me, but I’m no expert hence my enquiry here. So, a couple of questions for the better informed; - Am I correct that I need all three tests to ascertain my testosterone levels (for the purpose of deciding if I should commence TRT)? - Does the price of 5,500B total sound reasonable, and if not can I get a recommendation regarding a better choice? Cheers
  3. I carry my UK drivers licence as well as an IDL. Both have the correct M/C endorsements. The few times I have been pulled over at licence checks I have showed the IDL only and that has sufficed. The law (as far as I am aware) states that foreigners must carry their passports at all times. However, this is impracticable for such a crucial, valuable and indeed unwieldy document. Rather, I carry two separate credit-card sized copies with me in my wallet; the first is the photo page of my passport, the second is of the page with my current valid VISA stamp so as to prove I am not an over stayer. I feel with the above I have bases 99% covered GeeMan
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